Harry Styles's Rainbow Cardigan Inspires TikTok Crocheting Trend

22 June 2020, 12:49

Harry Styles's cardigan inspires crocheting trend on TikTok
Harry Styles's cardigan inspires crocheting trend on TikTok. Picture: PA/ TikTok @irritasian/ @daniela.mansa

Harry Styles's rainbow cardigan is inspiring TikTok users to crotchet whilst in lockdown and it might be the most wholesome lockdown activity we've ever seen.

Harry Styles and his majestic sense of style has lead to TikTokers crocheting his rainbow cardigan whilst in lockdown and we're obsessed with how wholesome everyone's being (and still managing to make it about Haz!)

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The cardigan in question is one Haz wore for a rehearsal ahead of his performance on The Today Show back in February and is a JW Anderson piece worth £1,250, excuse us whilst we dry our poor person tears.

This hefty price tag, however, hasn't phased the digital crocheters who have created seriously impressive replicas that has us reaching for the knitting needles.

One user, @irritasian has made her very own version from scratch, and shown it off on her account, as well as given detailed instructions on how you can make one too.

She explains in her video she made each square separately and then stitched them altogether and we're NGL it looks insanely technical, but what else do we all have to do rn?!

Others have also documented their journeys making the cardigan, travelling to the shops, designing it and spending days stitching it altogether- they're putting some serious work into it, and there's been no better time!

The hastag #harrystylescardigan is flooded with people giving the oversized knit their best shot, and has been viewed over 200k times.

Haz, if you're reading this, only you could inspire such wholesome activities!

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