What Happened Between Love Island's Harriett Blackmore And Series 7's Lucinda Strafford?

13 June 2024, 11:53

Lucinda Strafford and Harriett Blackmore appeared to be friends in 2021
Lucinda Strafford and Harriett Blackmore appeared to be friends in 2021. Picture: ITV

By Tiasha Debray

Love Island’s Harriett Blackmore and ex-islander Lucinda Strafford appear to have had a very close friendship in the past. But now they don’t even follow each other. Here’s what we know.

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Love Island’s Harriett Blackmore has been making headlines recently and it’s no surprise because she’s at the centre of quite a bit of drama in the villa at the moment, so much so that ex-All Star Georgia Steel defended her publically.

Not only has the islander found herself in the middle of a love triangle between Ronnie Vint and Jess White, but outside the villa old footage of the contestant has circulated showing a dramatic transformation prior to the reality show.

Before entering the villa, rumours swirled that the brunette was harbouring a secret boyfriend outside the show, but she quickly squashed them, claiming her relationship with her ex ended in January 2024.

One thing is for sure, the mini socialite from Brighton has a number of famous friends, from rapper Ardee, and Youtuber Saffron Barker to an unnamed Premier League Footballer. One friend who seems to have disappeared from her life is ex-Love Island contestant Lucinda Strafford.

Harriett Blackmore joined the cast of Love Island 2024 in June
Harriett Blackmore joined the cast of Love Island 2024 in June. Picture: ITV

What happened between Harriett Blackmore and Lucinda Strafford?

If one were to take a wander down Harriett’s TikTok feed, then a Love Island fan might recognise a familiar face right down the bottom.

During the first half of 2021, it appears that both current Love Island contest Harriett and ex-islander Lucinda shared quite a close relationship for a while.

On Harriett’s TikTok the pair were often seen together, uploading lip-synced videos to different audio trends on the platform.

Lucinda first appeared in Harri’s TikToks on the 9th of March 2021 as the pair lip-synced to Doja’s Cat’s track ‘Best Friend.’

The vibe of the video was that of two very close friends, even besties as the song referenced.

Lucinda Strafford appeared in the 2021 season of Love Island
Lucinda Strafford appeared in the 2021 season of Love Island. Picture: Getty

From then on, Lucinda was in a handful of videos that were uploaded in quick succession, with another uploaded on the 10th of March, then the 20th, 22nd and finally the 27th.

All the videos follow a similar trend, with the two girls glammed up and picking trending audio tracks to lip-sync to, however at times they were on trains, sometimes they were in a car, and even once it seemed like Lucinda was over at Harriett’s home sharing a glass of wine.

It seems the girls got busy during April but by May they were at it again, with Lucinda appearing in a video on Harriett’s account on the 12th and 13th of May, then it all suddenly stopped.

At first look, one would assume that perhaps something dramatic happened in the friendship, considering neither follows the other on Instagram.

However, 2021 was also the year that Lucinda was cast in Love Island UK. If filming generally begins in June for the summer series, by May Lucinda would have probably known whether she was going to Spain or not.

So whilst it would be tea if the pair had had a dramatic fight, considering they still follow one another on TikTok, we can assume that as Lucinda’s career skyrocketed, the girl just got busy.

But with Harriett now on a similar journey, perhaps the girls will be seeing more of one another.

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