Does Love Island's Harriett Blackmore Have A 'Secret Boyfriend'? Her Ex Revealed

4 June 2024, 12:44

Who is Love Island's Harriett's ex boyfriend?
Who is Love Island's Harriett's ex boyfriend? Picture: Instagram

By Abbie Reynolds

Who is Harriett Blackmore's ex boyfriend? The Love Island contestant has found herself in the middle of rumours that she has a 'secret boyfriend' outside the villa - here's what we know.

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Love Island contestant Harriett Blackmore found her self in controversy before even stepping foot in the villa, as it was reported she had met her on-again off-again boyfriend days before flying out for the dating show.

In the first episode of the show Harriett did reveal that she'd only been single for four months, which bothered some islanders. Her revelation landed her being ranked as 'least' girlfriend material out of all the girls.

Surprisingly this worked out in her favour, as Ciaran Davies was voted as 'least' boyfriend material and they were coupled up with one another. Harriett admitted that Ciaran was definitely her type and he said he was "over the moon" with the pairing.

But is Harriett really looking for love? Here's what we know about her rumoured ex boyfriend...

Harriett started Love Island coupled up with Ciaran
Harriett started Love Island coupled up with Ciaran. Picture: ITV

Who is Love Island's Harriett Blackmore's ex boyfriend?

In the villa Harriett admitted that she's only been single for four months, but who is her ex?

Harriett's ex boyfriend is 25-year-old Josh Curling. His name was made public before she entered the villa due to speculation that they were still together.

Does Love Island's Harriett Blackmore have a 'secret boyfriend'?

People are speculating that Harriett has a man waiting for her back home because before entering the villa, the tabloids reported that Harriett had spent a night with her ex boyfriend Josh.

She allegedly gave him 'a scrapbook of photos from their relationship together and told him, "I love you."'.

They officially ended thing in January and Harriett has said: "I'm just gonna clarify, we've had conversations and we remained in contact but yeah, for me, the relationship ended in January.”

But despite the islander insisting the relationship was dunzo, sources close to the former couple have suggested they were looking to get back on track and he was blindsided by her going on Love Island.

"They seemed to have been working on getting back to where they were," the source claimed.

Love Island - Meet Harriet

Whether or not they were still on before she entered the villa, they definitely don't look like an item any longer as Josh was supposedly "livid and hurt" to find Harriett on the show's lineup.

During the first episode of the series Harriett insisted that the relationship ended for a reason and got frustrated when the islanders quizzed her for being on the show so soon after a breakup.

There has been a lot of discourse online about her appearance on the show and even ex islander Andrew Lepage weighed in, saying: "Harriet just [sic] say she's been single for four months. the application process is longer than that"

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