Love Island Producers Had Three All Stars Islanders That Didn't Make The Villa

29 February 2024, 15:02

The Islanders who were set to go onto All Stars but never made it
The Islanders who were set to go onto All Stars but never made it. Picture: Instagram

By Abbie Reynolds

Three former Islanders were set to go on Love Island All Stars but they never made it into the South African villa, here's why.

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Three singletons were waiting in the wings ready to enter the Love Island All Stars villa at any moment - but they just missed out on this series, even despite one of them being flown all the way to sunny South Africa.

Danica Taylor who was on Love Island series eight has revealed that she was one of the All Stars set to go in the villa but she never made it that far.

In a TikTok Danica shared a couple of pictures with the caption: "4 days in South Africa = tears and three huge mosquito bites on my forehead that swelled up my eyes and nose."

This seemingly confirms that she was out there to be put on the show but the opportunity never materialised. Another former Islander, Samira Mighty commented "TEA" under the post, suggesting she knew Danica was meant to be on the show.

One fan wrote to Danica, "the one islander I wanted on All Stars," to which the dancer replied: "awh how sweet!! my path is taking a different direction now".

So, likely Danica didn't enter the show because she was too unwell from the mosquito bites but she wasn't the only ex-Islander who the producers had on standby for All Stars.

Danica Taylor was set to enter All Stars
Danica Taylor was set to enter All Stars. Picture: Instagram @_danicataylor

Theo Campbell, who was on the third series of Love Island, was also reportedly set to enter the All Stars villa. According to the tabloids Theo's flight to South Africa was booked and his bag was packed but he was pulled from the show right before the launch.

Reports say that he was pulled from the starting line up and replaced with season one islander Luis Morrison. Theo was offered the chance to come into All Stars as bombshell, but he turned it down.

In a since deleted post, the frustrated Islander wrote on X: "Imagine wasting five days of your life after being persuaded to start Love Island, filming and the rest, for them to say a day before you’re suppose to fly out, nah come in 2 weeks.. huh? no thanks."

Theo Campbell turned down the chance of being a bombshell
Theo Campbell turned down the chance of being a bombshell. Picture: Instagram @theo_campbell91

The last All Stars reserve we know of is Megan Barton-Hanson, who was recently on Love Island Games with the likes of Georgia Steel and Toby Aromolaran.

Megan has revealed that she was set to go on the show as a bombshell but changed her mind last minute. Appearing on Vicky Pattison's podcast 'The Secret To Pod' Megan said: "Do you know what, I was still up in the air. I done all the medical and everything."

"I was thinking, I knew I didn’t want to do the whole five weeks, like, it’s a long time to be away and so I thought I could go in near the end if there were any cute guys.

Megan went onto to say that she feels the show wasn't right for her because of what she is is looking for in a relationship now. The blonde beauty said: "But to be honest I think where I am 29, I think I would be in a very similar situation to Hannah Elizabeth.

"Our type of men is just different. All the boys seemed fun and they are stunning guys. But for me at this age I just want an older guy."

Megan Barton-Hanson was recently on Love Island Games
Megan Barton-Hanson was recently on Love Island Games. Picture: Instagram @meganbartonhanson_

After finding out this news lots of Love Island viewers feel they were "robbed", with one writing on X: "WHAT??? these producers fumbled cause how did we not get Theo and Megan"

Another said: "Megan and Theo would have caused some good chaos. Theo has spoken on it already."

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