Love Island's Kai Fagan: Height, Age, Job, Fiancée And More

30 April 2024, 14:55

Love Island's Kai Fagan in green swimming trunks
Love Island's Kai Fagan surprises dates with his job. Picture: ITV2/Instagram
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Here are all of the interesting facts you need to know about Love Island 2023 star Kai Fagan including his Instagram account, surprising job, age has his fiancée.

Cool guy Kai Fagan started his Love Island 2023 winter edition journey as a very popular contestant, winning over the hearts of Anna-May Robey, Olivia Hawkins and Tanyel Revan.

His head later turned for some bombshells, and he ended up with Casa Amor arrival Sanam Harrinan who he went on to win the show with.

Before going into the villa, he had described himself as "lighthearted, loves a laugh and is really calm and chilled". He admitted he was single by choice.

Talking about his quest to find the right one, he said: "I’m looking for the right girl. I feel like I have quite high expectations. I don’t feel I should commit to someone unless I’m absolutely buzzing over them, because it’s not fair on them."

And he found that in Sanam! Kai proposed to Sanam about 13 months their Love Island victory.

So who is Love Island's Kai Fagan? What's his job? And what's his secret sporting talent? Here are all the important facts and details.

Kai Fagan's towering height is a major plus for his love life
Kai Fagan's towering height is a major plus for his love life. Picture: ITV2

Who is Love Island's Kai Fagan?

Age: 25

From: Manchester

Job: Before going on Love Island Kai was a Science and PE teacher, he gave it up to go onto the show but has recently worked with a campaign that aims to inspire school kids to look at various career opportunities.

In January 2024 he teamed up with 'Technicians: We Make the Difference', Kai explained why he wanted to work with the campaign, saying: "Many young people might think they know what pathways they can take for their dream futures,

"But the research here clearly shows that we need to work harder to help them understand that university isn’t their only option and there are still many dream jobs they can uncover."

Instagram: @kaifagan_

What does Kai Fagan do for a job?

Kai was a PE and science teacher before going on Love Island he said his job surprised quite a lot of dates and even won them over. Although he has admitted he's got the number of quite a few mums at school...

Currently Kai is working in the wonderful world of post Love Island fame he uses his platform to share lots of information about education and everything he knows as a former teacher. He is also a podcast host for 'Scoring Tries' a show made for Rugby fans.

According to the Mail Online, when he left his job for Love Island he said he had wanted to 'inspire' his students. He noted that a"large percentage" of his students came from broken homes, he added: "So if I can show them that I can show a positive relationship on the TV, I don't think that is detrimental to my career."

Kai set to enter Love Island 2023

Is Kai Fagan engaged?

Yes, he proposed to his girlfriend Sanam Harrinanan just over a year after they won Love Island together.

Sharing the news on Instagram he said: "Introducing the next Mrs Fagan. Beautiful, Caring, Loving and Smart are just some of the words that describe you.

"I love loving you, I love you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you."

Kai made sure the moment he proposed to Sanam was captured
Kai made sure the moment he proposed to Sanam was captured. Picture: Instagram @kaifagan_

What is Kai Fagan's sporting talent?

Not just good in the classroom, Kai is also a talent on the field as he plays semi-professional rugby. As a Jamaican citizen, he played rugby 7s and now plays for Burnage RFC.

How tall is Love Island's Kai Fagan?

A sure tick for most girls is Kai's towering height of 6ft 4in. Talking in his Love Island promo video he admitted it's a trait that gets him looks as soon as he walks into a bar.

Does Kai Fagan have a degree?

Not just a teacher, Kai himself has admitted to achieving three degrees from three different universities - consider us impressed.

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