Is Joey Essex's Ex Girlfriend Going Into Love Island & Who Is She?

6 June 2024, 11:02

Is Joey Essex's ex going in to Love Island as a bombshell?
Is Joey Essex's ex going in to Love Island as a bombshell? Picture: ITV/Instagram

By Abbie Reynolds

Joey Essex's ex girlfriend has dropped a huge hint that she's going to go into the Love Island villa. But is it true? Here's what we know.

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Joey Essex made history when he became the first ever celebrity islander on Love Island, as he shocked the villa as this series' first bombshell.

On his first day on the show, the ex TOWIE star was given the opportunity to pick a girl already in a couple and send one of the boys home. He chose Samantha Kenny which sent Sam Taylor packing, as the first islander dumped this summer.

Joey has had it pretty easy in the villa so far with most of the girls flocking to him, hoping that he finds a match with them, but it could get complicated for him very soon.

One of his ex girlfriends has come forward and hinted that she could be entering the villa as a bombshell, but is she having us all on? Here's what we know...

Joey Essex is currently in the Love Island villa
Joey Essex is currently in the Love Island villa. Picture: ITV

Is Joey Essex's ex girlfriend going on Love Island 2024?

Fans believe that 27-year-old Model Sabreena Diamond is heading into the villa after a TikTok she posted. In the video the text read, 'When your ex walks into the Love Island villa as a bombshell...' and she had Taylor Swift's 'The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived' playing in the background.

We're pretty confident she isn't going into the villa as it reads as if she's reacting to when Joey walked in to Love Island as a bombshell. Also, in the video she looks as if she's on the tube in London, and if she was going in she'd surely be in Mallorca prepping for her arrival.

However, she has leant into the rumours by replying to some of the comments. One wrote 'FUHZZ IN THE VILLA', referencing her user name, and she replied with looking eyes emojis.

Who is Joey Essex's ex girlfriend rumoured to go on Love Island?

Sabreena Diamond and Joey Essex never made their relationship public
Sabreena Diamond and Joey Essex never made their relationship public. Picture: Getty

Sabreena is a model who was romantically linked to Joey in 2018. They never publicly confirmed that they were dating but they were papped looking super close multiple times together.

She uses her socials to share modelling and fashion content and has over 90k followers on her Instagram. As well as her modelling content she shares content breaking the stigma on mental heath and medication.

In March 2023 she shared a post saying: "Reminder to take your meds today lads. i used to be super weird about being on medication but i feel alright now saying i’m on antidepressants, antipsychotics (my mood stabilisers) & anti anxieties :)

"used to think people would think i was crazy if i mentioned it (some did), but we’re not crazy, just unwell & need a helping hand. we’re in this together. im here with you & you’re here with me."

She also sold a mech line with sweatshirts that read, 'totally ok with not being ok'.

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