How Much Is Joey Essex Paid To Be On Love Island 2024? His Fees Revealed

5 June 2024, 11:16 | Updated: 5 June 2024, 15:44

Love Island 2024 kicked off on the 3rd of June 2024
Love Island 2024 kicked off on the 3rd of June 2024. Picture: ITV

By Tiasha Debray

Joey Essex’s appearance on Love Island 2024 was a surprise but what’s even more surprising is just how little he’s getting paid to be on the show! From his appearance fee compared to his net worth, here’s what we know.

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Love Island is well and truly back with the 2024 summer series and it’s shaping up to be a doozy.

The new cast isn’t afraid of drama, the saucy hideaway has an open door policy and who can forget, the first bombshell of the season was revealed to be, Joey Essex in episode one.

Maya Jama sadly had to send islander Sam Taylor home after Joey stole his girl, Samantha Kenny, on night two but at least Joey’s doing what Joey came in to do.

But what is Joey there to do? Because the man certainly doesn’t need the money. But how much is Joey Essex getting paid to be on Love Island 2024? What’s his appearance fee?

Joey Essex was the first surprise bombshell of the season in Love Island 2024
Joey Essex was the first surprise bombshell of the season in Love Island 2024. Picture: ITV

How much is Joey Essex being paid to go on Love Island 2024?

This may come as a surprise to many, but Joey isn’t getting paid anything extra to appear on Love Island 2024.

The man may already be a celebrity in his own right, appeared on some of the biggest shows in this country, and has amassed a following of 1.8million and that’s just on Instagram and yet he’ll be taking home the same amount as the other contestants.

Reportedly, the figure sits around £375 a week which is supposed to subsidise rent and bills for the contestants whilst they’re away and that will be how much millionaire Joey will be taking home too.

According to a source at MailOnline, “Joey is being treated like any other Love Island contestant, he's playing by the same rules and won't be given any preferential treatment.”

“He hasn't been paid an appearance fee or any money at all for signing up to the show, not a penny.”

Joey will be paid the same as other contestants for his time in the villa
Joey will be paid the same as other contestants for his time in the villa. Picture: ITV

“On Love Island, it is all about the exposure and for Joey, it means more than that too... He's looking for someone to settle down with, so it's not about the money he can make on the other side.”

It is true, Joey’s got a chance to have a new image of himself broadcast six nights a week for over two months into the homes of millions of UK residents every night. That type of marketing and advertising is priceless.

With his new significantly less floppy hair, perhaps Joey’s attempting a rebrand on his celebrity persona and has signed up for the show to showcase this.

The source at the publication says differently, revealing Joey has said he’s “looking for a wife in the villa” and that he’s signed up for the “right reasons.”

The man is 33 years old so this could definitely be true.

What is Joey Essex’s appearance fee?

Whilst he’s not taking any money for his time on Love Island, Joey certainly didn’t amass his estimated net worth of £8 million from rocking up for free.

However, he doesn’t have a single set appearance fee, it seems like his fees change depending on what’s asked from him.

For example, it was reported that he was paid £50, 000 for his time on Celebrity Dancing On Ice in 2023 for their 15th series where whereas he was paid roughly £212, 000 for his appearance on the Australian version of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Outta Here.

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