Every Ariana Grande Song And Lyric Written About Ethan Slater

8 March 2024, 16:22 | Updated: 9 March 2024, 12:24

The lyrics and songs Ariana has dedicated to Ethan Slater
The lyrics and songs Ariana has dedicated to Ethan Slater. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Ariana Grande has drawn inspiration from her love life for her new album 'Eternal Sunshine'. Here are all the songs about her boyfriend Ethan Slater.

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March 8th marked not just International Women's Day but Ariana Grande day as the pop princess dropped her seventh album 'Eternal Sunshine'. And their are a fair few songs inspired by her love life with Wicked co-star Ethan Slater.

The album, which she has described as a concept album, opens with the line 'How can I tell If I'm in the right relationship?' and ends with the answer from her Nonna: 'Never go to bed without kissing goodnight...and if you don't feel comfortable doing it, you're in the wrong place, get out.'

And in between that opening question and Ariana finding the answer the album explores her leaving one relationship and then entering a new one, in which she falls in love hard.

Ariana has been open about the timeline of writing this album which means we can assume the relationship she sings about leaving in tracks like 'bye' and 'don't wanna break up again' is her marriage to ex-husband Dalton Gomez and songs like 'the boy is mine' and 'supernatural' are penned about her new beau Ethan.

There are more than two tracks which seem to be about Ethan, so here are all the lyrics Ariana has dedicated to her new relationship.

Ariana Grande has released her seventh studio album 'eternal sunshine'
Ariana Grande has released her seventh studio album 'eternal sunshine'. Picture: Instagram @arianagrande


First up we have 'supernatural' which is all about how Ethan's love feels out of this world to Ariana. It's the love song of all love songs with both sweet and sensual moments to it.

She repeats the line, This love's possessing me, but I don't mind at all over and over, so just know Ariana is totally overwhelmed by her feelings for Ethan.

Then she talks about wanting to be Ethan's girls in lines like: I want you to come claim it, I do. What are you waiting for? Yeah, want you to name it, I do. Want you to make it yours

And of course she gets a little steamy with the lyrics: Need your hands all up on my body. Like the moon needs thе stars. Nothing еlse felt this way inside me

Ariana Grande drops promo video for new album

'The boy is mine'

The certified 'bad girl anthem' of the album is all about Ariana claiming Ethan as her man amid all the rumours that came with the start of their relationship which she references in track 7 'true story'.

She opens with, How can it be? You and me. Likely meant to be, can't unsee it. But I don't wanna fuss, no see. I'm usually so unproblematic, referencing how her new found love rubbed some people up the wrong way since both her and Ethan had recently come out of long-term relationships.

However, Ari wrote this song at 29 years old during her 'Saturn return' so when she sings, 'Let-let's get intertwined. The stars, they aligned' she is suggesting that meeting her boyfriend on set for Wicked feels like it was written in the stars, that it was always mean to be.

Ethan Slater and Ariana Grande began dating in 2023
Ethan Slater and Ariana Grande began dating in 2023. Picture: Getty

'Yes, and?'

In the album 'yes, and?' comes after 'the boy is mine' which was a deliberate choice by Ari. After playing into the rumours and speculation with 'true story' she goes onto 'the boy is mine' to claim Ethan as hers and then she tells the world she doesn't care what they have to say about the relationship in 'yes, and?'.

'yes, and?' is about much more than just her boo Ethan, but one of lyrics that seems to be about him is pretty straight to the point when she says: "Why do you care so much whose **** I ride?"

A lyric in 'Eternal Sunshine'

'eternal sunshine' is really all about her ex Dalton but she hints to Ethan in the song with the lyric, I found a good boy and he's on my side.

Ariana Grande's new album 'eternal sunshine' dropped on March 8th
Ariana Grande's new album 'eternal sunshine' dropped on March 8th. Picture: Getty

'Imperfect for you'

In this song it's like she is flipping her 'Positions' song 'pov' on it's head and she is describing how she is accepting of her partner no matter what. Speaking about the song on The Zach Sang Show she said: "We're so lucky to have friends, family, loved ones that are just so accepting and real with us, no matter what."

When she sings, I'll never forget when you told me you said, "Usually, I'm f**ked up, anxious, too much but I'll love you like you need me to. Imperfect for you. Messy, completely distressed but I'm not like that since I met you" it seems she is referring to a conversation she has had with Ethan.

And Ari goes on to give Ethan reassurance that they will be there to see each other through the hard times in the lyrics, I'm glad we crashed and burned, I know we'll be there for each other, when we're - and then she repeats the lyrics mentioned above.

'Ordinary things (feat. Nonna)'

The final song on the album seems like a real celebration of her new relationship. Every lyric of this song sounds like it's dedicated to Ethan, she sings about how nothing could feel 'ordinary' as long as she's with him.

Ariana praises her new beau in the lyrics: You hit just like the first sip of wine after a long day. You hit like my biggеst fan when I hear what the critics say. You hit just like a green light when I'm stuck runnin' real late.

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