Ariana Grande's Album 'Eternal Sunshine' – Release Date, Track List And All The Details

27 February 2024, 15:53

Ariana Grande's red lip is the mark of her new era
Ariana Grande's red lip is the mark of her new era. Picture: Getty
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Cancel your plans, Ariana Grande is releasing new music. Here's what we know about Ariana's upcoming album 'Eternal Sunshine' from the release date to the track list and the visuals.

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Ariana Grande is officially back in our lives after confirming her seventh album, titled 'Eternal Sunshine', is coming out 8th March 2024. Better still, her brand new single 'yes, and?' is out now for listening on a loop until she blesses our ears with more new songs.

Producers Ilya Salmanzadeh, Max Martin and loads more talented musicians have helped put the album together, but fans will have to wait until the release date to hear any more new songs as Ari isn't releasing any singles after 'yes, and?' as she'd like the record to be listened to in full, which is understandable.

To keep us fed until then, the Wicked star has been sharing photos from her studio and showing off the three stunning album covers, where her bold red lip features heavily.

Here’s what we know so far about Ariana’s new album, including its title, release date and more.

Ariana Grande teases fans of new music as she gets back in the studio

When is Ariana Grande’s new album coming out?

Ariana is releasing her brand new album 'Eternal Sunshine' on 8th March 2024! Her new single and instant Number 1 'yes, and?' came out on Friday 12th January! And it's a certified BOP.

Fans were sure a follow up single to 'yes, and?' was coming soon, but Ari has confirmed there will be no more songs released until 'Eternal Sunshine' comes out.

She told fans on Instagram: "As hard as it is to resist the urge to share another song or single with you all asap, I would really love for you to experience the album in full this time. There will of course be more singles off of this project once it is out (and we may have a little surprise or two up our sleeves to hold you over until then so don’t you worry) but waiting a little longer for you to be able to listen fully through first really is my ideal way for you all to experience this body of work."

When she first teased her album over the New Year, Ari posted a video where she can be seen lying on her sofa under a blanket crying with laughter. Producer Max Martin asks her: “Tell me how you feel, what’s going on… Is this almost the last day of this album?” And she responds: “I’m so tired. I’m so happy and grateful but I also feel like I weigh 3000 tonnes, I can’t move, it’s impossible.”

We’re taking that as a sign the album somewhat drained poor Ari. Well, it's been an emotional rollercoaster of a year for the 'Yours Truly' singer after her split from husband Dalton Gomez.

Ariana Grande said her album has 'two moods'
Ariana Grande said her album has 'two moods'. Picture: Ariana Grande/Instagram

What is Ariana Grande's new album called?

Ariana's 2024 album is called 'Eternal Sunshine', something she confirmed after fans figured out the coordinates that appeared in her 'yes, and?' music video teaser.

The coordinates are for a beach in Montauk, New York, which also happens to be where Jim Carey's 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was filmed. Ari is known for being a massive Jim Carrey fan, so this album title is a very sweet tribute to her idol.

What’s on the track list for Ariana Grande’s new album?

Ariana has released the full track list – take a look below at their titles:

  • 'intro (end of the world)'
  • 'bye'
  • 'don't wanna breakup again'
  • 'saturn returns (interlude)'
  • 'eternal sunshine'
  • 'supernatural'
  • 'true story'
  • 'the boy is mine'
  • 'yes, and?'
  • 'we can't be friends (wait for your love)'
  • 'imperfect for you'
  • 'i wish i hated you'
  • 'ordinary things (ft nonna)'

In a video of Ari presenting her album to her record label for the first time she says that this is a concept album because every song on the album is a "heightened piece of the same story [and] of the same experience".

Ariana Grande's new album cover shows her sporting red lipstick
Ariana Grande's new album cover shows her sporting red lipstick. Picture: Ariana Grande/Instagram

What is Ariana Grande’s new album cover?

Ariana's 2024 album will consist of more than one album cover, in fact there will be seven, all featuring a pop of red including a blurry close-up of Ari wearing a bold red lip and a snap of the newly blonde bombshell wearing red lace gloves.

Ever the businesswoman, the red lipstick is of course one of Ariana's products from her makeup brand r.e.m beauty.

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