Everything Love Island's Shaughna Phillips Has Said About Cosmetic Surgery

22 April 2024, 17:15

Shaughna Phillips opened up about having plastic surgery
Shaughna Phillips opened up about having plastic surgery. Picture: Getty/Instagram

By Abbie Reynolds

Love Island's Shaughna Phillips has shared which cosmetic surgery procedures she has had done, here's what she's said.

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Shaughna Phillips, who rose to fame on the winter edition of Love Island back in 2020, revealed that not long after appearing on the show she underwent a few cosmetic procedures.

The reality TV star explained that some of the surgery she's had was because of a medical condition called lipoedema which causes an abnormal build-up of fat in her legs. But she also revealed that she had a boob job after appearing on the dating show because she "felt everyone was looking" at her.

In 2023 she welcomed her first child, Lucia, who she shares with Billy Webb who was arrested just weeks before her due date. A year after giving birth she was told by medical professionals that she was clinically obese, which she shared with her followers in a candid video on her Instagram.

Shaughna has been extremely open about her surgeries, her pregnancy and her body image issues - so here's a look at what else she's said about plastic surgery.

Shaughna said she felt like she needed to get surgery after appearing on Love Island
Shaughna said she felt like she needed to get surgery after appearing on Love Island. Picture: Getty

Has Shaughna Phillips had cosmetic surgery?

Yes, the former Love Island star said that she has undergone a breast augmentation as well as liposuction.

She told the tabloids: "I had liposuction on my legs and that was so sore!

"I had the liposuction on my thighs and on my calves, and I had my boobs done years ago. It is a lot of money, but this was just after Love Island so I think I almost felt like I had to have it done.

"I felt everyone was looking at me, but if I had have known how painful it was, I may not have done it," Shaughna concluded.

She revealed that all the liposuction she had was "medically needed" because she has a rare condition called lipoedema which causes excess fat on her legs.

Shaughna has also had lip filler, in 2022 she had the filler dissolved so she could start her lip journey from scratch. On her Instagram she said: "I was so hesitant about having my lips dissolved because I honestly don’t remember what I even look like without them!

"But there’s more to life than what size your bloody lips are...I'll be back in 2 weeks time and will start from scratch, this time I’ll be doing a little here and there so I can really get the shape, I cannot wait."

Shaughna Phillips has no plans to get more surgery in the future
Shaughna Phillips has no plans to get more surgery in the future. Picture: Getty

How much money has Shaughna Phillips spent on cosmetic surgery?

Shaughna revealed she's spent a whopping estimate of £25,000 on cosmetic procedures. She admitted that it was a lot of money but said she felt she had to do it after Love Island due to having so many eyes on her and her body.

Now, however, she regrets the decision to go under the knife as she views money differently as a parent. She said: "I feel my opinion on surgery has changed a lot because I’ve got a baby now, and also I’m renovating a house, and I think every day about the money I’ve wasted on surgery and where that could have actually gone."

"I’ve absolutely no plans on having surgery at the minute, I just want to be fit and strong for my daughter," the reality TV star explained.

Shaughna Phillips had Lucia in April 2023
Shaughna Phillips had Lucia in April 2023. Picture: Instagram @shaughnaphillips

She also said if she had known how painful surgery was before she did it, she probably wouldn't have gone ahead with it.

After being told that she was obese in 2024, Shaughna vowed to get healthy for her daughter. Talking to her followers via her IG story she said she was 'shook to her core' by the news, explaining: "I need to do something, I'm going to get my thinking cap on because I only have one parent because my dad died and without getting too deep,

"I just never want that to happen to Lucia."

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