Love Island's Haris Namani: Age, Job & Ex-Girlfriend Revealed

1 February 2023, 16:26 | Updated: 9 February 2023, 17:24

Haris Namani is looking for the one on Love Island
Haris Namani is looking for the one on Love Island. Picture: ITV2/Haris Namani/Instagram
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Haris Namani was one of the OG contestants on Love Island 2023, but how old is the Islander, where is he from and what's the lowdown on the drama with his ex-girlfriend? Get to know Haris.

Love Island is taking over all of our lives with a whole new batch of contestants looking for love, but we've already had to say goodbye to a fair few including Haris Namani.

The islander left the villa in a shock dumping alongside Anna-May Robey after Aussie bombshells Jessie Wynter and Aaron Waters were tasked with sending home two singletons.

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Whilst in the villa, he was at the centre of media attention after his ex-girlfriend Courtney Hodgson claimed he left her for the show, which he since slammed and said they were 'seeing each other' but not in a relationship.

Get to know Haris from what he does as a job to how old he is and where he's from.

Haris Namani is looking for love on Love Island
Haris Namani is looking for love on Love Island. Picture: ITV2

What is Haris' job?

Haris works as a TV salesman! However, by the sounds of his pre-villa interview he's a sportsman at heart.

He said: "I'm good at any sport; tennis, ping pong... I'm very competitive. If you start doing press ups I won't stop until you stop."

Haris also revealed Cristiano Ronaldo is his idol, confessing his mum tells him he looks like the football legend. He also spilled he'd want Ronaldo play him in a movie of his life and listed the sports star in his dream line-up of celebrity dinner guests, adding Floyd Mayweather and Rita Ora.

Haris Namani is from Doncaster
Haris Namani is from Doncaster. Picture: Haris Namani/Instagram

How old is Haris?

Haris is 21 years old, making him one of the youngest series nine Islanders alongside Anna-May Robey who is 20.

Does Haris have Instagram?

You can follow Haris on Instagram @haris_namanii. Given that the rules for Islanders' are different this year, their social accounts will remain dormant until they leave the villa.

Haris Namani is a TV salesman
Haris Namani is a TV salesman. Picture: Haris Namani/Instagram

What happened with Haris and his ex-girlfriend Courtney?

After Haris was announced as an Islander it was revealed he had a girlfriend just a few months ago. Courtney Hodgson claimed he dumped her to go on the show.

In a chat with Capital FM `and other journalists, Haris explained they were seeing each other over the summer but things didn't work out.

He said: "The situation that I had with Courtney is we were seeing each other through summer. September time I said to her, 'I don't think it's going to work out.' After a few months, I never saw her as being 'the one', [or] having a future as you'd say. She never met my mum or dad.

"I don't know why she's seen it as a different view, you could probably say she was more interested in me than I was in her."

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