Danny Williams’ Savage Coupling Up Speech On Love Island Infuriates Viewers: 'Did He Change His Mind Mid-Way Through?'

25 June 2019, 10:53 | Updated: 25 June 2019, 10:55

Danny Williams picked Arabella Chi over Yewande Biala
Danny Williams picked Arabella Chi over Yewande Biala. Picture: ITV2

Danny Williams has enraged Love Island viewers after picking model Arabella Chi over scientist Yewande Biala.

Love Island star Danny Williams had ITV2 viewers shouting at their screens when he gave his coupling up speech, picking model Arabella Chi after three days of knowing her, over Yewande Biala who he’d been coupled up with for over a week.

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During his recoupling speech, Danny had us all convinced he was going to pick scientist Yewande after he described the girl he was planning to choose as “intelligent” – leading viewers to think he began his speech with Yewande at the front of his mind, but changed his decision halfway through.

He said: “I think she’s very intelligent. I think we’ve connected on an intellectual level. I think she’s absolutely stunning. I think she brings something to the villa that nobody else does.”

Danny added: “It hasn’t been an easy decision in the slightest, but the overriding feeling is excitement. I’m confident I made the right decision.”

The model then went on to couple up with model Arabella, leaving his fellow Islanders – especially Amber Gill and Anna Vakili – raging.

Yewande made sure to tell Danny: “What goes around comes around” before she left the villa, but the rest of the nation was equally as livid at Danny’s decision.

“Danny starting his speech with ‘she’s intelligent’ so we all take the bait #LoveIsland,” one person tweeted, as another raged: “It be looking like Danny was gonna pick Yewande with the speech but he changed his mind mid way through his speech you f****n tool.”

“Just caught up on last night’s Love Island. Danny’s speech pointed at Yewande… but nope he picks the cocky Arabella,” wrote a third person, as a fourth fan fumed: “Danny’s speech just didn’t match the person that he chose.

In the preview for the following episode, Danny's decision has caused chaos in the villa, with Amber seen in the preview telling Danny: “Does it look like I’m the type of person that creates or causes the problem?” To which he responds: “To be honest, yes, it does look like that.”

Anna is also seen in the beach hut saying: “Are you f*****g serious?”

Love Island continues weekdays at 9pm on ITV2.

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