Where Are The Cast Of Love Island Australia Series 1 Now?

13 July 2020, 13:45

Where are the Love Island: Australia series 1 cast now?
Where are the Love Island Australia series 1 cast now? Picture: Love Island Australia

Where are the likes of Cassidy McGill, Tayla Damir and Mille Fuller now? Did Erin and Eden stay together? And are Josh and Amelia still going strong? Here's what the 2018 cast are doing now.

Love Island Australia has done a great job of keeping us entertained this summer with the likes of Cassidy McGill's love triangle with Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir and of course, waiting for the lovely Josh Moss to fall in love with Amelia.

However, while we're fully invested in the amazing and obviously, hot contestants, we're obviously two years behind on the drama that takes place in the villa - so what are the cast up to now? And did anyone stay together?

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Where is Love Island's Grant Crapp now?

Grant is still muscly, tattooed and very good looking, spending a lot of his time doting on his canine pal as he hits the beach and travels the world.

He and Tayla, despite winning the show together and planning to use their $50k winnings to move to Sydney together, split shortly after the show because of a rumoured secret girlfriend he had called Lucy.

By the looks of his Instagram page, she was less of a rumoured secret girlfriend and more of an actual secret girlfriend that he's still together with today... drama.

Where is Love Island's Tayla Damir now?

Grant's romantic proposal to Tayla | Love Island Australia 2018

Tayla appears less than bothered that her relationship was ruined after winning the show with Grant, despite getting a whole commitment ring given to her on national television, which is immortalised forever in this YouTube clip.

In a strange twist of fate, she and Grant finished within two weeks of the series wrapping and she moved onto another contestant from the series, Dom Thomas, with the pair dating for just under a year.

She's loved up with a hunky man, Nathan, and posts plenty of dreamy Instagram shots to show she's living her best post-villa life as a certified reality star.

Good for you, Tayla!

Where is Eden Dally now?

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Just done 9months inside 😂 #stayhome

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Eden, or as he more commonly goes by these days, dad, has been one busy guy since leaving the how, finding himself a lucky lady and having the cutest baby boy, Boston!

He and Erin Barnett were coupled up on day one, the first to drop the 'L bomb' and made it all the way through to the finale- with a fiery relationship full of ups and downs.

The pair announced their split in September 2018, writing on Instagram: "After much deliberation, we have quietly parted ways."

"We have to be honest within ourselves as we realise that our forever as a couple, is no longer."

So, it wasn't a forever love, or even, a year long love for the pair.

Where is Erin Barnett now?

Since Love Island Aus, Erin has gone on to star on another UK turned Aussie reality show, I'm A Celebrity Australia, which our very own Charlotte Crosby also starred on!

The reality star also documents her journey with endometriosis, be it hospital stays or recovering from surgeries, and she's been widely praised for raising awareness about the condition.

She's also loved up with a new man, Mick, although she hasn't posted with him since April...

Where are Amelia Plummer and Josh Moss now?

Seriously happy alert- yup, Amelia and Josh coupled up with each other in the villa and are going the distance!

They're still very much loved up and are always splashed across Instagram showing the world they're one of the rare couples to make it work outside in the real world, nearly making it to the two year mark.

They're quite literally always on the beach and showing off their toned physiques- and Amelia is also a YouTuber, doing clothes hauls and beauty stuff with 90 thousands subscribers, not too shabby!

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