Are MAFS Australia's Michael And Stephen Still Together?

18 March 2024, 19:30

Here's what we know about Michael and Stephen since filming MAFS Australia
Here's what we know about Michael and Stephen since filming MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

By Abbie Reynolds

Married At First Sight 2024 saw Michael and Stephen marry but have they split? Or did they manage to make their marriage last? Prepare for spoilers, here's what we know.

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Michael Felix and Stephen Stewart are one of Married at First Sight's first same-sex couples but their journey to love hasn't been the smoothest.

MAFS Australia 2024 viewers were first introduced to Michael during the debut episode of the show as he attended the other brides' hen night where he was sadly told his partner had pulled out of the experiment last minute.

This means the experts Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken were tasked with pairing Michael to a brand new groom. Three weeks later Michael returned to the show where he walked down the aisle to marry hairdresser Stephen.

Did this last minute choice impact the success of the marriage or have Michael and Stephen made it work? Here's everything we know, beware there will be spoilers ahead.

Michael and Stephen were paired by the MAFS experts
Michael and Stephen were paired by the MAFS experts. Picture: Nine

Are MAFS Australia couple Michael and Stephen still together now?

As the show continues to play out it seems the pair are experiencing some troubles but they still follow each other on Instagram and in this day and age that is a pretty big sign that if things are over they ended on good terms.

However, it could equally hint to the pair still going strong since filming. All the captions on the posts that they have both shared on their Insta from the experiment have been very vague. With phrases like: "Mr and Mr" and "Cheersing is our thing" it's hard to know for definite if they are feeling the love for one another.

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During their time on MAFS Michael and Stephen fell into a few pot holes which stopped their relationship from getting a smooth start.

Firstly, Stephen felt he was 'second best' for Micheal since his first match pulled out - but ultimately it ended up being Stephen's lack of attraction to his groom that stunted their marriage.

At a commitment ceremony he admitted that he wasn't physically attracted to Michael, something he then went on to discuss with a hairdresser who comforted him over the matter. Stephen got quite flirty with the stylist and even went on to keep in contact with him over text message.

News of this upset Michael, who told the camera: “I’m hurt from this, I'm p**sed about this [and] my trust is betrayed."

Stephen struggled with being the "second pick" for Michael on MAFS
Stephen struggled with being the "second pick" for Michael on MAFS. Picture: Nine

However, Stephen said: "The fact that it came so easily with a stranger I had never met...[I realise] we are fighting a losing battle." This left the status of their relationship up in the air as Michael said his felt 'disrespected, confused, upset, hurt, and angry'.

As the show plays out we will find out exactly how the pair resolve this argument, but for now IRL the status of their relationship is unknown.

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