Shawn Mendes' Topless Beach Photos In Australia Send Fans Into Meltdown

6 November 2019, 11:47 | Updated: 7 November 2019, 07:21

Shawn Mendes has been hanging out with his friends in Byron Bay
Shawn Mendes has been hanging out with his friends in Byron Bay. Picture: Splash

Shawn Mendes has been causing quite the stir running around on the beach with his top off.

Shawn Mendes has been spotted topless on the beach in Australia and the photos have seriously blessed our social media feed.

The 21-year-old ‘In My Blood’ singer showed off his tattoos and black painted nails and fans were loving it.

One tweeted: "These shawn photos on the beach made my day 100% better," and we agree!

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He is currently on the Aussie leg of his self-titled tour and has been using his days off to relax from the sold out shows.

The Canadian hitmaker has been (unsurprisingly) getting a lot of attention while being in the country and proved to be the nicest popstar when meeting and posing for pictures with his fans.

However, some fans have warned others to remain respectful when meeting Shawn after he got mobbed, with one tweeting: “I’m apologising on behalf of all the people here at the hotel but we are extremely sorry about the people who mobbed you when you have the right to privacy.

“I hope you are okay and we love you.”

“Please keep in mind that Shawn is not obligated to take photos because he got mobbed but remember. He is also a human being with real feelings just like all of us so please always treat him with some respect & give him some personal space,” another added.

Shawn’s rule is to never say no to a selfie and the 'Señorita' singer has shown he’s a man of his word as he’s made plenty of time to stop for photos with fans.

The star, who recently revealed he became official with his girlfriend Camila Cabello on 4 July, has been opening up with fans lately.

During a recent Q&A, he gave a girl relationship advice about getting the boy she likes out of the friend zone and fans were in awe of his words of wisdom.

He said: “Honestly I think the coolest thing in the world is when a girl is just like ‘hey I like you’ flat out and rejection is better than sitting there not knowing.

“Would you rather spend a year being like ‘I think he likes me’ or would you rather spend a year like he does like you so you’ve got to just go for it.”

Shawn Mendes on the beach in Australia
Shawn Mendes on the beach in Australia. Picture: Splash

Everyone was quick to tease him, drawing comparisons with him and the ‘Liar’ singer, with one saying: “When Shawn says, ‘would you rather spend a year going ‘I think he likes me’ you mean the way you and camila pretty much spent 4 years doin [sic].”

He finally got out just in time to bring Shawmila into the world!

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