Shawn Mendes Fans Warned To Respect The 'In My Blood' Singer After 'Mobbing' Him In Australia

5 November 2019, 15:20

Shawn Mendes fans warn other not to 'mob' the star in Australia
Shawn Mendes fans warn other not to 'mob' the star in Australia. Picture: Splash Images

Shawn Mendes's Australian fans have shown out in force to show the 'In My Blood' singer love whilst he's in the country, but people are warning them to be respectful when meeting their idol.

Shawn Mendes has taken his world tour over to Australia, where he's commanding a lot of attention from fans, getting approached when trying to leave a gym before his show that evening- and ever the obliging and polite pop star, he took plenty of time to meet and take photos with fans.

Shawn Mendes Proves He's The Nicest Guy In Music Whilst In Australia

However, fans are warning others to remain respectful of the singer's space and to not 'mob' him when he's trying to get on with his day, with one fan writing: "Please keep in mind that Shawn is not obligated to take photos because he got mobbed but remember."

"He is also a human being with real feelings just like all of us so please always treat him with some respect & give him some personal space."

Travelling all over the country, Shawn has been spotted by eagle-eyed fans, and has been honouring his day one rule of 'never say no to a selfie' but it isn't stopping the criticism of certain fans for what some say as forcefully approaching the singer.

Praised for his patience and manners, those on Twitter warned people to pay the singer equal respect when meeting him as he shows to them.

Another Australian fan took to Twitter, apologising 'on behalf of other people' for the fans 'mobbing' the singer, writing:

"I’m apologising on behalf on the people here at the hotel but we are extremely sorry about the people who mobbed you when you have the right to privacy. i hope you are okay and we love you."

Shawn, 21, is currently on the Australian leg of his world tour, and girlfriend, Camila Cabello is promoting her upcoming album, Romance, so although the pair haven't been able to spend much time with each other recently, they're more loved up than ever.

Camila even revealed when the pair shared their first kiss and first date, recalling it was just a week after they were spotted packing on the PDA in San Francisco!

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