Shawn Mendes Gives Fan Relationship Advice During Q&A Whilst On Tour In Australia

4 November 2019, 16:22

Shawn Mendes has been praised by fans after giving love advice
Shawn Mendes has been praised by fans after giving love advice. Picture: Getty

Shawn Mendes gives the best love advice.

Shawn Mendes has given a fan relationship advice during a Q&A whilst on his self-titled tour in Sydney, Australia.

A fan account shared the clip, where a girl asked the 21-year-old singer: “I need advice, I like him [a boy] and I think he likes me, how do I take it to the next level?” before joking about the boy in question being ‘friend zoned’.

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He responded, saying: “You think you friend zoned him, you like him and you think he likes you? So what are you scared of?”

The fan continued: “That he’s going to be like ‘ew no’,” before the 'Señorita' hitmaker replied: “Well then what’s the point of liking him anyways if he’s a d*ck?”

The crowd were laughing and cheering, before he added: “Honestly I think the coolest thing in the world is when a girl is just like ‘hey I like you’ flat out and rejection is better than sitting there not knowing.

“Would you rather spend a year being like ‘I think he likes me’ or would you rather spend a year like he does like you so you’ve got to just go for it.”

Fans were quick to tease the 22-year-old in the comments as they drew comparisons with the Canadian hitmaker and his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, with one saying: “Homeboy was in the friendzone for 5. YEARS.”

“When Shawn says, ‘Would you rather spend a year going ‘I think he likes me’ You mean the way you and camila pretty much spent 4 years doin [sic],” another added.

Having been hesitant at first to answer questions about his romance with the ‘Liar’ singer, Shawn has become more open lately, replying to a fan who asked how long him and Camila have been official: “I know there have been rumours of you and Camila being together for a while, but how long have you actually been dating for?”

He replied, saying: “We havent’ been dating for that long. We have been dating since July 4th officially.”

Shawmila supporters were obviously in awe of the pair getting together on a national holiday, with one tweeting: “Imagine Shawn and Camila releasing a collab called ‘4th of july’ on their anniversary day next year… that would set the world on fire for sure.”

During a recent Q&A, he revealed the couple have a secret playlist and everyone has been stanning the 'cheesiest sweetest' couple, after he said: "We have a playlist. I want to tell you, so badly I want to tell you but I feel like we have to keep it between us, if that’s okay, is that okay?”

His fanbase obviously respected his decision, but we hope an anniversary song is on the cards so we can get a sneak peek into their playlist.

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