Is This Why Shawn Mendes Paints Two Of His Nails? Fans Speculate The Meaningful Reason Behind His Polish

17 July 2019, 11:40 | Updated: 17 July 2019, 11:42

Shawn Mendes's fans loved the reason he had two painted nails
Shawn Mendes's fans loved the reason he had two painted nails. Picture: Getty

Shawn Mendes has been spotted wearing nail varnish – and there could be a heartfelt reason for it.

Shawn Mendes – who is thought to be dating best pal Camila Cabello – was pictured with just two of his fingernails painted black when he posed backstage at his concert for a photo with some fans.

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With his arms around two fans, one painted black nail can be seen on each of his hands, and when the picture surfaced on Twitter, many of the Army began to speculate why only two of his nails were painted.

However, it could be for the Polished Man Campaign which raises awareness for children who are or have been abused.

One person pointed out on Twitter: “When someone has one finger nail painted it means they are showing support to the 1 in 5 girls who are victims of sexual assault! It’s called the ‘Polished Man Movement’!! Not sure if this was Shawn’s motive behind it but either way he’s such a cutie amiright [sic].”

A Shawn fan account also shared an extract which read: “If you’ve ever seen men walking around with one painted nail, it may have caught your eye, you may have even considered it odd. But a man wearing a single nail painted is (most likely) not just making a fashion statement.

“Odds are they’re participating in the Polished Man campaign, an organisation which strives to raise awareness about children who are – or have been – sexually abused.

“The powerful movement began when Elliot Costello ventured to Cambodia and met an amazing little girl, Thea, with a terribly sad story.”

Founder of the campaign Costello said a shocking total of 1 in 5 children globally experience physical violence before the age of 18, so he set up the Polished Man campaign to represent this.

Other celebrities have promoted the campaign in the past, with Chris Hemsworth and Pretty Little Liars actor Tyler Blackburn previously seen with painted nails.

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