Why Did Tyrique And Ella From Love Island Split?

27 February 2024, 12:59

Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas from Love Island split after seven months
Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas from Love Island split after seven months. Picture: Getty

By Kathryn Knight

Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas broke up seven months after meeting on Love Island, but why did they split?

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Love Island series 10 stars Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas had fans rooting for them to go the distance after they got together on the dating show in summer 2023 after previously having briefly met in a nightclub, but it was revealed on 25th February they’ve decided to split.

In classic breakup style they wasted no time in unfollowing each other on Instagram and removing all traces of their relationship from their respective profiles.

The shock news came after Tyrique treated Ella to a Louis Vuitton handbag on Valentine’s Day, proving the split was a sudden decision. They’d also faced breakup rumours in November before reportedly deciding to give things ‘one last shot’.

But it seems things weren’t meant to last between Tyrique and Ella, so why did they split?

Tyrique and Ella came third on Love Island series 10
Tyrique and Ella came third on Love Island series 10. Picture: ITV2

Why did Tyrique and Ella split?

Tyrique and Ella split seven months after Love Island reportedly over how much they argued. The fact they unfollowed each other soon after might suggest their relationship didn’t end amicably.

“Ella and Tyrique have decided it's time to go their separate ways,” a source told MailOnline. “They have such love for each other, but they often struggle to get along and as viewers saw in the villa, they're always arguing.

“This time, things have ended badly… and they have both removed all recent photographs of each other from their respective Instagram profiles, as well as all Snapchat content. They have unfollowed each other as well… it certainly feels like this breakup is final.”

Ella and Tyrique reached the final of Love Island’s summer series in 2023, leaving in third place while Jess Harding and Sammy Root won and Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki were runners up.

Love Island series 10's Ella Thomas
Love Island series 10's Ella Thomas. Picture: ITV2

Where is Ella Thomas now?

Model Ella has built a huge following since starring on Love Island series 10, making a name for herself as a fashion influencer on Instagram where she has over one million followers.

She’s also a brand ambassador for fashion brand PrettyLittleThing.

As well as fashion content and outfit selfies, Ella also shares makeup tutorials and takes fans along on her glamorous holidays.

Love Island series 10's Tyrique
Love Island series 10's Tyrique wants to go back to football. Picture: ITV2

Where is Tyrique Hyde now?

Tyrique has also amassed a large Instagram following since starring on Love Island, branching out to YouTube too in recent weeks where he uploaded a ‘Day in the Life’ vlog shortly before his breakup from Ella.

In the vlog he shared his plans to return to the job he had before Love Island as a footballer.

He said: "Another question I keep getting asked a lot, is if I'm returning to football. The answer is, I’m definitely coming back. I’ve had some things to sort out, some time out, some time to enjoy. A bit too much enjoyment but I’ve got the hunger back.”

On whether he’d keep working as an influencer, Tyrique said: “Of course, no one wants to do the influencing thing or be in the public eye forever. I’m grateful enough to have this platform that I do have. I’m going to be using the money to make some investments and set me up for the future. Then I’m out of here.”

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