Love Island Fans Fear For Uma As Wil Shows Interest In Casa Amor Girls

2 July 2024, 12:30

Love Island fans fear for Uma in Casa Amor
Love Island fans fear for Uma in Casa Amor. Picture: ITV

By Kathryn Knight

Love Island viewers are concerned Uma’s about to have her heartbroken.

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Casa Amor has begun on Love Island, where the boys and girls are separated into different villas and introduced to a bunch of new bombshells.

And as they get to know some new faces and are reunited with old flames – we’re looking at you, Ciaran and Ellie – viewers are fearing heartbreak is on the horizon, especially for Uma.

Uma and Wil have been coupled for some time but as he got to know some of the bombshells in Casa Amor he described his type as ‘petite blondes’, leaving viewers speechless.

Fans have since flooded Twitter with their reactions, fearing Uma’s about to have her heart broken.

Love Island viewers are worried Uma will have her heartbroken
Love Island viewers are worried Uma will have her heartbroken. Picture: ITV

“I don’t think y’all get it,” one person tweeted. “Uma has never been in a relationship before. What that goatie t*** is about to do is gonna BREAK her.”

To make for even more awkward viewing, Uma was seen telling the girls after meeting the new guys: “They’re not my Wil,” just as he was getting to know the bombshells in the other villa.

“‘They’re not my Wil’ Oh Uma girl, we fear for you,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “I’m sorry but I need postcards this season, Uma and Mimi need to see what their men are up to.”

“‘None of them are my Wil’ Oh I fear my girl Uma is about to be a Casa victim,” said someone else.

Casa Amor's Lucy was told by Wil 'she's his type'
Casa Amor's Lucy was told by Wil 'she's his type'. Picture: ITV

To rub salt in the wound, Blade listed Wil, alongside Joey and Ciaran, as the boys he thinks will have their heads turned first.

“For me, when I first came in here my type was like petite blondes,” he was seen telling Lucy.

Uma’s not the only one at risk. Ciaran is coupled up with Nicole, who is currently concerned with the fact he’s going to have his head turned and has been trying to spy on the boys from the other villa.

The Casa Amor girls arrive in Love Island first look

Nicole has even been sleeping outside at Casa Amor to avoid growing close to any of the bombshells. Meanwhile, Ciaran came face to face with a girl he already knows on the outside world, Ellie Jackson, however, it’s not clear whether they ever dated.

Ciaran told the boys he ‘DM’d’ her after she greeted him with, “hello stranger.”

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