Inside Ciaran Davies’ History With Ellie Jackson On Love Island

1 July 2024, 15:31 | Updated: 5 July 2024, 16:29

Ellie Jackson has a past with Love Islander Ciaran Davies
Ellie Jackson has a past with Love Islander Ciaran Davies. Picture: ITV/Instagram

By Kathryn Knight

Love Island’s Casa Amor bombshell Ellie Jackson has a past with Islander Ciaran Davies, but how do they know each other?

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It wouldn’t be Love Island without at least one link between some exes and after the Casa Amor line-up were introduced this it was Ciaran Davies coming face to face with an ex, in the form of Casa Amor bombshell Ellie Jackson.

Before Ellie joined the show she said in her pre-villa interview that she’s spoken with Ciaran before, but it wasn’t immediately clear how deep their connections runs.

Just days prior Ciaran and Nicole dropped the ‘L-bomb’ and Ciaran’s mum even appeared on Aftersun to give Nicole her seal of approval. But things could be shaken up between the couple.

So, how do Ciaran and Ellie know each other, have they dated? Here’s what we know.

Ciaran Davies is from South Wales
Ciaran Davies is from South Wales and has a link to bombshell Ellie. Picture: ITV2

How do Ciaran and Ellie from Love Island know each other?

Ellie, 22, is from Cardiff while Ciaran is from Pencoed, about a 25 minute drive from the city, so these two Islanders know each other from just being out and about in the capital.

As they tried to figure out where they first met on the bombshells' first day in Casa Amor, Ellie said: "Boom Bar, was it?"

"Oh my god, yeh! We did didn't we? I was hammered," Ciaran responded.

"You text me like 'I've seen you' and I was like 'owp'," Ellie went on, adding: "We used to message and then it fizzled out."

Ciaran quipped: "Yeh, and then you got a boyfriend."

Ellie Jackson is a Casa Amor bombshell
Ellie Jackson is a Casa Amor bombshell. Picture: ITV2

Ellie continued: "You've been in the DMs a couple times.. you asked me to come see you didn't you?"

The old flames then wondered how things would have been different if she'd been in the villa on day one, but Ciaran made it clear he's into Nicole.

Ciaran’s mum even acknowledged their history when she appeared on Love Island: Aftersun to chat to Maya Jama, saying: “He knows her. I think Ellie will have a conversation with Ciaran. They like each other’s posts on Instagram, we’ve done our homework.”

She added: “So I am a bit worried.” But she need not be worried as Ciaran stayed loyal to Nicole during the 'ultimate test' that is Casa Amor.

Ellie Jackson said she was looking forward to 'reconnecting' with Ciaran
Ellie Jackson said she was looking forward to 'reconnecting' with Ciaran. Picture: ITV2

Ciaran and Nicole recently said ‘I love you’ to each other, and his mum thinks ‘she’s lush’ so his family are hoping he'll bring her home once the show ends.

His mum said: “I love her, she’s lush. And she’s only halfway up the road. I think they’ve coped alright, Nicole is a little unsure at times, a little untrusting, but that’s normal given what she’s been through in the past."

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Did Ciaran and Ellie from Love Island date?

It seems Ciaran and Ellie never actually dated, however they know each other to some extent, possibly both running in similar circles. Ellie said she was looking forward to ‘reconnecting’ with the rugby player, which hints at some sort of attraction between the two.

Ciaran even confessed to the boys on the Casa Amor girls' first day in the villa: "I think I slid into her DMs."

Ellie revealed in her pre-villa interview: “I have chatted to Ciaran in the past and am looking forward to reconnecting with him in Casa Amor.”

She added: “Wil and Sean also seem like great guys, so I would be up for getting to know them both a little better.”

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