Love Island’s Toby Aromolaran Reveals He Almost Quit All Stars Five Times

26 March 2024, 12:29

Left: Toby and Georgia take a selfie, Right: Toby poses for a photo in South Africa
Toby opened up about his time in the Love Island All Stars villa on a podcast with Kaz. Picture: Instagram: @tobyaromolaran

By Tiasha Debray

Love Island All Stars pushed Toby Aromolaran to his limit as he confessed on a podcast that he almost quit and walked away from the show five times.

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It’s safe to say that Love Island All Stars contestants Toby Aromolaran and Georgia Steel were the centre of most of the drama inside the villa in 2024 and it looks like the same is happening outside too.

After Georgia S recently confirmed their split in an Instagram post, Toby has now also revealed he had a much harder time in the villa than he let on. In fact, he almost quit the famous TV show up to five times.

Opening up on a podcast, the 25-year-old confessed his happiness in the villa was low, and it hit rock bottom once his best mate was voted out of the Love Island villa.

So why did Toby want to leave the Love Island villa so many times? Here's what we know.

Toby, Kaz and Chris pose together at a dinner table. Toby has a rose in his hand.
Toby and Kaz are besties inside and out of the Love Island Villa. Picture: Instagram: @tobyaromolaran

Toby spoke to his on-screen bestie Kaz Kamwi on a Reddit podcast where he revealed his worst night in the villa was the PDAs Awards Night the show hosted.

For those that need a refresher, the PDAs were an awards night the villa had where islanders were nominated and won awards in certain categories, most of which weren’t flattering.

Georgia and Toby found themselves at the butt of a lot of jokes that night and on the receiving end of a lot of judgement because of the way their relationship came about.

But what fans may not have known was that Toby left the awards for over two hours to compose himself, halting all filming on the night.

Toby and Georgia flirt with one another in the Love Island villa
Toby and Georgia faced a lot of backlash for their relationship in the villa. Picture: ITV

Toby admitted to Kaz on the podcast, "I think that was the worst day for me. I did leave."

Kaz added: "You disappeared for like two hours, we were all sat there waiting to finish the PDA awards."

Kaz revealed the other islanders got annoyed because they had to wait around for Toby adding that the villa had been locked so the cast couldn’t even go inside.

"That was actually really bad you know, you guys were trying to calm me down. No one was even looking at me in the eyes, it was mad," Toby admitted.

That was just one of many times that Toby contemplated leaving the All Stars villa, as he revealed. "The first time [I was on Love Island] I never said I was going to leave - except for once. But this time, there was like five times I was like 'I'm going to go'," he explained.

Georgia and Toby sit by the firepit on Love Island All Stars 2024
Georgia and Toby placed fourth in Love Island All Stars 2024. Picture: ITV2

Toby opened up about how he felt after Kaz was dumped from the villa, explaining he had no friends left that he felt he could talk to.

"When you actually did leave, I said 'I'm not going to cry, she's only leaving. And then it came over me like a wave," he admitted to Kaz on the podcast, going on to say, "I was thinking f*** who am I going to talk to? Chris and Georgia are the only people I can chat to now. I got no one left."

Toby revealed that the loneliness got so bad that he even told Georgia to "pack her things" and that they were "leaving".

Toby shocks the islanders with recoupling speech

The isolation could be seen by fans when Georgia and Toby found themselves needing to constantly defend their relationship with the rest of the villa. Eventually, the pair found it easier to isolate themselves, only hanging out with one another.

But Toby did clarify on the podcast in the days that followed Kaz leaving the villa, other islanders went out of their way to check in on him and it did get a little better, which is why ultimately, he stayed.

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