Shaughna Phillips: 5 Reasons The Nation Has Fallen In Love With Her

7 February 2020, 13:01 | Updated: 7 February 2020, 13:02

Shaughna has become a huge hit with viewers.
Shaughna has become a huge hit with viewers. Picture: ITV

Shaughna Phillips has become a fan favourite on series 6 of Love Island.

Shaughna Phillips is a funny, fierce queen and must be protected at all costs.

The 25-year-old has been on a bumpy ride during her time in the Love Island villa. She originally coupled up with Callum Jones, and the pair seemed to hit off. However, when their relationship was put to the Casa Amor test, it took roughly around 2 seconds for Callum to have his head turned by newbie Molly Smith.

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Was he right to dump Shaughna? Surely not. She’s been hilarious since day one and viewers adore her.

Here are 5 reasons why…

She Managed To Keep Her Composure During The Casa Amor Recoupling

The Casa Amor recouping is always the most anticipated episode of the series and this year’s did not disappoint.

Shaugna is a feisty character, so everybody was convinced she was going to scream and shout at Callum when he returned to the main villa, holding hands with new girl Molly. However, she kept her cool and handled it like a complete boss.

When prompted by Laura Whitmore about how she felt about Callum’s decision, she simply replied: “Congrats, hun.”

We have no choice but to Stan.

She’s Not Afraid To Call People Out

When Sophie Piper made the decision to remain in the villa, despite her partner Connor Durman being dumped, Shaughna made her feelings about the situation very clear.

She’s also repeatedly called Mike out over his ‘game-playing’.

Her Hilarious One-Liners

We first realised Shaughna was a queen when she said the iconic line: “I need to remember, I came to Love Island to find a boyfriend, not a son.”

“Mike thinks he’s the Gok Wan of relationships,” and “I’d rather find out on day two that Callum's a wet wipe rather than day 17,” also deserve to be framed and put up in homes across the country.

She’s A Great Friend

Shaughna has repeatedly demonstrated how much of a great friend she is during her time in the villa, but our favourite moment has to be from the brutal recoupling.

When Nas returned from Casa Amor holding hands with a new girl, Shaughna caught Demi’s attention and told her to put her game face on.

She Always Looks Fierce

It may be boiling in South Africa, but you can bet your bottom dollar Shaugna is still going to apply a full face of make-up, including lashes, to lounge by the pool.

Her outfits have also been a huge hit with fans. One wrote on Twitter: “Shaugna’s outfits this series have all been fire I don’t think they’re getting the recognition they deserve.”

We agree!

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