Who Is Priscilla Anyabu: Love Island Star's Job, Instagram And Age Revealed

5 February 2020, 17:05 | Updated: 21 February 2020, 13:07

Priscilla joined the singletons in the villa
Love Island's Priscilla joined the singletons in the villa in Casa Amor. Picture: ITV

Priscilla Anyabu is currently on Love Island and here’s everything we know about the Casa Amor contestant, who has caught Mike Boateng’s attention and become his girlfriend.

Love Island’s Priscilla Anyabu is one of the Casa Amor girls who came in and stole Mike Boateng's heart and become his official girlfriend.

But who is Priscilla? And what was her job before Love Island?

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Here's everything you need to know about the Love Island star from her age to where she's from:

Casa Amor's Priscilla is set to steal Mike's ehart
Priscilla is leaving the Love Island villa with a boyfriend . Picture: Instagram

Who Is Love Island's Priscilla Anyabu? And what is her job?

Priscilla is a 25-year-old model and operations manager from Battersea, London.

Describing herself as ‘outgoing, kind and stylish’, she revealed she’s done a few beauty pageants and music videos in the past, so she’s no stranger to cameras! She also won the 'Miss Face of Africa' title.

Her celeb crush is Justin Timberlake but she admitted she doesn’t have a type, saying: "I like a built physique, muscular, tall, a nice smile and good teeth! And a warming spirit. They have to have good manners too.”

What’s Priscilla's Instagram?

Her handle is @priscillaanyabu_.

She already has nearly 20K followers and a solid Instagram page full of stunning selfies and modeling snaps!

Priscilla is super close to her brother also as she has numerous pics out and about with him.

Casa Amor's Priscilla is a family lady as she shares snaps with her family on social media
Casa Amor's Priscilla is a family lady as she shares snaps with her family on social media. Picture: Instagram

What has she said about Love Island?

Priscilla revealed she’s willing to do what it takes to secure her man in the villa, saying: "All is fair in love and war. I will do my bit respectfully.

“As long as no one is anyone’s girlfriend, I feel like they’re up for grabs. We all know what we’ve come to the villa for, I don’t have loyalty to anyone when I first meet them.”

You can watch her crack on at 9pm on ITV2.

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