Lucie Donlan Reveals Love Island Contestants Were Treated To McDonald's In Secret

23 July 2019, 10:04 | Updated: 23 July 2019, 10:06

The islanders were treated to McDonald's on their days off
The islanders were treated to McDonald's on their days off. Picture: ITV2 / GETTY

Lucie Donlan has spilt the tea on what life in the Love Island villa is like behind-the-scenes.

Love Island might look like a sun-soaked holiday break for the likes of Maura Higgins, Curtis Pritchard and Amber Gill, but the days can often go on for quite a while as the islanders’ dramas are filmed long into the night.

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However, dumped islander Lucie Donlan – who recently shared an unseen Love Island scene – has revealed they would occasionally be given a day off to slob out in comfy clothes and do things they might usually do at home.

This typically involved putting on their pyjamas, cleaning the house and eating McDonald’s.

During a chat with Capital, Lucie revealed they were treated to a pamper session every couple of weeks where the girls had their hair and nails done and producers would bring in fast food treats.

She said: “Every two or three weeks we’d have nails, hair, that kind of thing done. And we’d get a Maccies as well.

“Being in there that long, the nights are very long and no one sees how long they are, so you need a bit of a down day and a bit of a chill.”

Lucie continued: “We had one day where everybody cleaned the house, it was like a proper family cleaning – the guys did the downstairs and made all the beds and then the girls did the showers and washed upstairs – we had a chill day wearing baggy clothes and chill pyjamas.

Lucie Donlan said they were treated to McDonald's on their days off
Lucie Donlan said they were treated to McDonald's on their days off. Picture: ITV2

“It was so nice, you need those days in there because sometimes you need a break and you stop talking about feelings and all that – you just have a bit of a muck around, it’s really nice.”

That wasn’t the only bit of Love Island goss Lucie let slip – she also revealed Maura made her feelings about Curtis clear weeks ago on her second day in the villa.

Lucie said: “On the second day after she came in I asked her, ‘If all the boys were single right now who would you choose?’ And she said Curtis, and I’m so gutted it didn’t get aired because I know to everyone now it’s become a shock, but to me it wasn’t.

“She didn’t want to go for Curtis then because of Amy obviously, they were so strong back then and she didn’t want to ruin anything. That’s why she’s stepped in now while he’s single.”

However, Lucie continued to say she doesn’t think Curtis deserves Maura, adding Maura deserves someone who knows they want her for her.

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