Luca Bish Addresses 'Controlling Behaviour' On Love Island: 'I Went Too Far'

23 August 2022, 11:43

Luca has spoken about his Love Island behaviour
Luca has spoken about his Love Island behaviour. Picture: Alamy/ITV

By Savannah Roberts

Luca Bish has admitted in an interview that he "took it too far" after watching his behaviour back on Love Island.

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Luca Bish has addressed his antics during his time on Love Island, revealing in an interview that he was showcasing "controlling behaviour".

The 23-year-old spoke to Grazia about his time in the villa, commenting on the criticism he has received regarding his behaviour toward Gemma Owen as well as his treatment of fellow-Islander Tasha Ghouri.

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The fishmonger got reflective in the interview, revealing that he has had time to think about his actions after watching back the hit ITV2 dating series.

He said: "With my controlling behaviour it took me watching it back to realise what I had done but with the Tasha situation, I realised I took it too far whilst I was still in there."

Luca Bish has spoken about his behaviour on Love Islamd
Luca Bish has spoken about his behaviour on Love Islamd. Picture: Getty

Luca told the publication that he began to realise that he was in the 'wrong' before he left the villa, saying: "When you've got a girl crying, I realised I was wrong.

"For once in my life, I thought - you need to shut up now, your opinions aren't needed," the Love Island runner-up said.

He admitted that the backlash he received during the show was warranted and that he has begun to question his behaviour as a consequence, he said: "Watching it back, I can hold my hands up and agree with [people's comments].

"There are parts where I'm thinking this is not how I behave on the outside world. Why did I do that?"

Love Island fans speculated that Luca was controlling of Gemma
Love Island fans speculated that Luca was controlling of Gemma. Picture: Gemma Owen/Instagram
Luca was criticised for 'bullying' Tasha Ghouri on the show
Luca was criticised for 'bullying' Tasha Ghouri on the show. Picture: Tasha Ghouri/Instagram

The Brighton lad then went on to speak about his relationship with Love Island beau Gemma Owen, revealing that being on the inside leads to intense emotions.

"When you feel so strongly for someone and then you're still getting put in situations because they [the Love Island producers] are making us do challenges, throwing new people in there to play with your emotions and your feelings," Luca explained in the interview, "I'd genuinely just had enough of it."

Bish spoke on why he became overly protective of Gemma whilst they were on the show, telling Grazia: "When you're falling in love with someone you don't want to see another boy come in and talk to them and vice versa.

"Obviously, your emotions would be heightened and everything’s so intense in there," Luca admitted.

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