Ferne McCann Slams Zara McDermott's Claims She DM'd Charlie Brake During Ellie Brown Relationship

30 October 2018, 16:02 | Updated: 30 October 2018, 17:08

Love Island and Towie stars Zara McDermott and Ferne McCann are feuding after Zara accused Ferne of messaging Charlie Brake whilst he was still in a relationship with Ellie Brown, something the Towie star is denying.

There's some serious drama going down in the reality world lately, and now the Love Island/TOWIE beef comes in the form of Ferne McCann and Zara McDermott over whether or not Ferne was DM'ing rumoured new flame Charlie Brake whilst he was still in a relationship with now ex, Ellie Brown.

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Ferne and Charlie were spotted holding hands on a night out together recently, with Ferne admitting she finds him 'very handsome' on the red carpet at The Pride Of Britain Awards, but slammed the claim she and Charlie have been talking since his relationship.

Zara, who was also at the POB Awards revealed Ellie was suspicious during her time with Charlie that the pair had something going on, saying: "I think that there may have been some DM sliding before when Ellie and Charlie were still together, she knew from like, months ago."

"She was always a bit suspicious and like 'is something going on?' and people were like 'no he loves you' but clearly things have escalated since they split."

Ferne, however, slammed the accusation, saying: "Absolutely not, I've been so busy focusing on my baby and career, I would never, ever message someone if they were in a relationship, and you've heard it from the horse's mouth".

She went onto say if she did have any contact with the Chelsea millionaire, it wouldn't have been in a flirty or suggestive way..."It would never be with the intention to date or something like that if someone is in a relationship".

So, we guess we'll have to wait to see what Ellie says about the whole thing, who has kept pretty quiet about the entire saga.

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