Are Love Island Couple Georgia Harrison And Anton Danyluk Still Together?

17 April 2024, 12:24

Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk on Love Island All Stars
Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk on Love Island All Stars. Picture: Georgia Harrison/Instagram

By Kathryn Knight

Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk made the All Stars final, but are they still together?

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Love Island All Stars saw iconic Islanders and head-turning bombshells return for another chance at love in the famous villa in South Africa at the start of 2024 and Anton Danyluk and Georgia Harrison’s paths aligned.

They may have got off to a tricky start as their fellow Islanders made some comments about their relationship, which got to Georgia, but they made it clear they only had eyes for each other as things progressed.

Anton even sweetly told her he ‘loves’ her spiritual side because it’s similar to his mum’s beliefs. But are Georgia and Anton still together? Where are they now?

Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk on Love Island All Stars
Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk on Love Island All Stars. Picture: ITV2

Are Love Island's Georgia H and Anton still together?

Georgia and Anton don't seem to be together anymore. Sometime between the couple landing back in the UK and presently, things went south.

Anton has been found to have liked some mean-spirited fan posts that have suggested he's not happy with Georgia and they may no longer be today.

One wrote: “Georgia was never into him, a flat battery had more spark. She needed to save face and see it through to this stage and now she’s bolted.” 

“Georgia played him in Love Island and carried it out," another began, "I reckon the only reason she stayed for a while outside is to make herself look like she was genuine."

“Anton’s mum seen through it so did many others. He deserves better, Hannah would be a lovely match,” said another viewer.

Anton liked all the above comments which tells us things didn't end on good terms with him and Georgia and he hasn't posted about her on his Instagram in a while.

He also posted on Instagram a picture dump of him and Hannah with the caption: "Few days with the bestie always lifts the spirits."

In the comments a friend said, "Here for you mate x" and Anton replied: "Needed just now."

It's unclear exactly what happened between Anton and Georgia but it seems like there may have been some unrequited feelings which has left the Scottish hunk feeling low.

Anton Danyluk and Georgia H came fifth on All Stars
Anton Danyluk and Georgia H came fifth on All Stars. Picture: Georgia Harrison/Instagram

Where is Anton Danyluk now?

Anton is a fitness mentor, having worked in the industry before he joined Love Island the first time around. He used to own a gym and these days he posts videos about fitness on YouTube and Instagram.

His mum Sheriann also sometimes features in his videos, as they have a very close relationship. Remember when he told the whole world she shaves his bum?

Georgia H and Anton kissed on their way home from Love Island All Stars
Georgia H and Anton kissed on their way home from Love Island All Stars. Picture: Instagram

Where is Georgia Harrison now?

Georgia had already made her name for herself as an activist before going on Love Island All Stars, after using her platform to campaign for stricter revenge porn laws following the traumatic court case against ex Stephen Bear who was imprisoned for sharing sexual content of Georgia without her consent.

After All Stars, she’ll no doubt resume her campaigning and this time she has an even bigger following supporting her.

She said before returning to the villa, she’d keep the fact she’s a role model in mind, which is why she chose not to perform a sexy dance in the heart rate challenge, instead choosing to sprinkle rose petals over the boys.

Anton makes heartfelt speech at recoupling

Georgia said ahead of All Stars: “I wasn’t sexually active the first time around, but this time I’m very aware that I am a role model for young women out there so, to be honest I would like to keep my experience PG and that is my intention for the show quite frankly. I am really proud of how I’ve held myself in the media up until now. I took all this into account when deciding to go in as my campaigning is going so well and I’m really making strides in the political sector.”

With over one million followers on Instagram, Georgia’s built an even bigger fan base off the back of All Stars and viewers are keen to see what she does next.

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