Love Island’s Amber Gill Hits Back At Fan Who Branded Her ‘Venom’ For 'Outing' Rebecca Gormley

31 January 2020, 11:13

Amber claimed Rebecca likes 'older' men.
Amber claimed Rebecca likes 'older' men. Picture: ITV

Amber Gill has responded to a fan who claimed she ‘outed’ Rebecca Gormley.

Love Island's Amber Gill has hit back at a fan who dragged her for revealing that Rebecca Gormley is into ‘older' men.

It all started when, in a recent interview with Heat’s ‘Under the Duvet', the winner of the 2019 series said she wasn’t surprised that Rebecca had caused a stir in the villa.

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Amber, who knows the Geordie contestant from back home, said: "I do know Rebecca. She's a bit full-on, that's all I know. Newcastle's a small place. I don't know her too well, but I know that she's full-on.

“She likes old school guys, but the operative word is 'old.’ I am saying nothing more.”

Amber responded to a fan who dragged her
Amber responded to a fan who dragged her. Picture: Twitter

The fan then took to Twitter to claim that Amber had ‘outed’ the new contestant’s ‘personal life’ and she was not happy about it!

He wrote: "You're not one to talk about being nice you outed Rebecca's personal life which you had no right to, you're literally venom.”

Amber was quick to respond, saying: "OMG HOW DID I OUT HER PERSONAL LIFE?! I said "the operative word is old" I didn't divulge in any details and I didn't say it was a negative thing because it's not those are NOT personal details [sic].”

After fans tweeted the former Islander with supportive messages, she went on to pen: "The way people are acting you'd think I gave out Rebecca's f**king credit card & pin number.”

Amber said Rebecca likes 'older' men
Amber said Rebecca likes 'older' men. Picture: Twitter

This all came after Amber shared her opinion about a recent episode, where fans claimed that Nas Majeed, who wanted to re-couple with Demi Jones, was being 'guilt-tripped’ by the single girls who ‘wanted to stay’ in the villa.

She tweeted: "If I spoke last night it would have been pure venom I'm shocked how manipulative some of the girls are being. Leave Nas out of it leave him alone he's JUST found a good thing and you care more about yourselves.

"Do not guilt trip the nicest guy there. #loveisland [sic].”

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