All The Phrases From Love Island 2020 And What They Mean – From 'Ick' To 'Shoot Your Shot'

30 January 2020, 16:51

The Love Island cast have their own dictionary of unique phrases
The Love Island cast have their own dictionary of unique phrases. Picture: ITV2

What does ‘the ick’ mean and what exactly is ‘girl code’?

Every series of Love Island creates a brand new dictionary of phrases as each islander brings their favourite catchphrase to the show, as well as the sayings that return every season.

After seeing Lucy Donlan try to make ‘bev’ a thing in 2019, we couldn’t keep up with the phrases, so we’ve compiled a 2020 dictionary of all the saying we’re hearing in the South Africa winter series from the likes of Sophie Piper, Shaughna Phillips, and Nas Majeed.

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From “shoot your shot” to “the ick”, get to know your Love Island lingo in our guide below…


After Leanne Amaning shouted about having ‘the ick’ over partner Mike Boateng, viewers couldn’t help but ask “what is the ick?” and it’s basically when you’re suddenly turned off the person you’ve been seeing, so much so that you actually cringe at the thought of them.

'Shoot your shot'

One we’ve been hearing a lot of on the new series of Love Island, “shoot your shot” means letting go of your pride to pursue the person you’re interested in.

'Head’s turned'

When the attention on your current love interest is distracted by the arrival of someone you find attractive.

'Head’s gone'

When your feelings for the person/people you’re interested in are all over the place and you simply don’t know what to think.

'Lay it on thick'

Sometimes referred to as ‘laying it on factor 50 thick’, this popular Love Island phrase describes when a person is overdoing it while flirting.

'Mugged off'

The way Rebecca Gormley felt when partner Luke T cracked on with Siannise Fudge, if you’re being “mugged off” you’re essentially being disrespected.

'Girl code'

Girl code outlines that a girl should never go after her friends' ex-boyfriends.

'Caught feelings'

When you begin to develop romantic feelings for someone.

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