'I'm A Celeb' Viewers Spot 'Vegan' Beverley Callard Eating Bread & Butter

19 November 2020, 10:47

Beverley Callard ate the bread and butter prize in camp and 'I'm A Celeb' viewers are confused as she's claiming to be vegan.

I'm A Celebrity viewers are once again confused after Beverley Callard tucked into the camp snack of bread and butter despite saying she is vegan, after many complained she got her an 'easier' eating bush tucker trial because of her dietary requirements.

I’m A Celebrity Fans Fuming With Beverley Callard For Not Revealing She Is Vegan Before Eating Trial

Beverley Callard confuses viewers eating butter whilst 'vegan'
Beverley Callard confuses viewers eating butter whilst 'vegan'. Picture: ITV/ Im A Celeb

The camp mates won the bread and butter after successfully answering Kiosk Cledwyn's question, with Beverley declaring it was the 'best bread she ever tasted'.

However, everyone watching at home was wondering how she could join in eating butter, as a vegan.

Viewers took to Twitter to ask, "So is Beverley getting a vegan substitute for every treat and meal? Bread and butter, oxtail...."

It all began when the Coronation Street legend was given different gruesome eating tasks to Vernon Kay and Jordan North as she is vegan, so can't consume anything from an animal (which is basically the entire task, let's be honest).

To add insult to injury, halfway through the trial, Beverly admitted she’s ‘only been vegan since March.’

Naturally, this led to fans accusing her of changing her dietary requirements to to avoid eating the gruesome list of animal parts everyone knows the show loves to serve up.

The series has only been going for a couple of days, but Bev has already earned herself a nickname as Pam from Gavin & Stacey, who pretended she was vegetarian throughout the show only to sneak ham, bacon, you name it.

She isn't the only camp mate people have been confused about, as many assumed Mo Farah was also vegetarian after his longstanding partnership with Quorn, only to see the Olympian tucking into rabbit on the first night!

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