I'm A Celeb: Roman Kemp Shares Touching Moment With His Childhood Hero Ian Wright

19 November 2019, 21:52

Our very own Roman Kemp spoke to his footballing hero Ian Wright all about his love for Arsenal and how he already owns a piece of memorabilia from the striker.

I'm A Celeb is in full swing; we've seen Nadine Coyle jump out of a helicopter, Caitlyn Jenner stay completely poker faced when confronted with any sort of danger (seriously, is she the biggest badass around rn?) and now we've seen our man Roman Kemp properly meet one of his childhood heroes.

However, it is the latter which is going down as one of the cutest interactions in the I'm A Celeb jungle so far. With Roman and Ian split into two different camps for the first two episodes of the series, the two were finally able to meet and it was oh, so sweet.

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Roman talks in the Bush Telegraph
Roman talks in the Bush Telegraph. Picture: ITV/Im A Celeb

Whilst sitting with Arsenal legend Ian Wright and jungle-pal Myles, Roman spoke to Ian for the first time, "I’m not going to lie, them pulling me away from you on day one was quite tough.  Especially when I know I can live in the Jungle with a legend."

Spotting the Gunners tattoo on Roman's leg, Myles informed Ian "Roman is a big Arsenal fan, he has a tattoo on his left leg, he’s having a super fan moment which is brilliant.”

Of course, this isn't the only tattoo that Roman has on his body. Roman's been inked by both Niall Horan just this year and the one and only Ed Sheeran a few years back.

Roman also told Ian of the time he got his dad Martin to autograph a toy of Ian when he met him years ago and that he still has the memento to this day.

Chatting in the Bush Telegraph, Roman said “Imagine Ian’s head as a bobble head with a little Arsenal kit on, little tony boots, that’s what I’ve still got at home and I’ve just said that to the man himself.”

Roman, Myles and Ian also spoke about relationships, with the latter sharing a touching story of his own; "You have to go to places that are more obscure, you can’t be going to places where the girls all like your music.  My missus didn’t know anything about football. 

He added,"I met her in a pub in Notting Hill, it was the biggest kind of mugging off in respect of meeting someone.  I’m not saying I‘m Brad Pitt but she mugged me off so beautifully I knew she was the one."

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