Who Is Roman Kemp’s Girlfriend Anne-Sophie Flury? Job, Instagram And How Long They’ve Been Together

3 December 2019, 15:31 | Updated: 4 June 2020, 16:10

Roman Kemp and Anne-Sophie Flury have been dating since 2018
Roman Kemp and girlfriend Anne-Sophie Flury have been dating since 2018. Picture: Instagram

Roman Kemp is in a relationship with beautiful girlfriend Anne-Sophie Flury but who is she? And what's her impressive job?

Roman Kemp and girlfriend Anne-Sophie Flury recently moved into a flat together with their pet dog Luna after they'd been in a relationship since 2018.

With a solid relationship behind them, fans of our Capital FM Breakfast DJ are keen to know more about his other half Anne.

So who is Roman's girlfriend Anne? What's her impressive job? And how long have the happy couple been toghether? Here's what you need to know:

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Roman Kemp is dating Anne-Sophie Flury
Roman Kemp is dating the gorgeous Anne-Sophie Flury. Picture: Instagram

Who is Roman Kemp’s girlfriend?

Roman was branded the jungle’s heartthrob in 2019 with fans thirsting over him on social media and they’re keen to find out who his lucky bae is.

The gorgeous Swiss-born Anne-Sophie Flury is Roman’s girlfriend.

What is Anne-Sophie Flury's job?

Anne-Sophie is a neuroscientist and is a budding entrepreneur, as this year she launched Shu Gum - a cleaning product to help keep your shoes fresh.

What’s Anne-Sophie's Instagram?

Anne-Sophie’s Instagram page is @coochiebygucci and she shares the most adorable pictures of her and Roman together.

Ahead of the first episode of I’m A Celeb, she shared some selfies with Roman, writing in all-caps: “I’m so proud of ur achievements and the exciting places your life is taking you. I cant wait to watch your experience in the jungle unfold, and to be able to admire your face, your kindness, perseverance and your wit every single day.

“I literally cannot contain my excitement can we fast forward to 9pm already. I love you [sic].”

Roman Kemp is dating Anne-Sophie Flury
Roman Kemp and girlfriend Anne-Sophie Flury have experience a long-distance relationship before. Picture: Instagram

How long have Roman and girlfriend Anne-Sophie been together?

They have been in a relationship since 2018, and spent eight months of their relationship apart while she lived in Hong Kong.

When he flew out to Oz, Anne-Sophie said on her Instagram story she’d miss her beau while he takes on the jungle for a month.

Roman spoke to OK! Online about how supportive Anne-Sophie is and how he’ll cope in the jungle without her.

He said: “She’ll probably love a break away from me. But she’s so supportive. She lived in Hong Kong for eight months during our relationship so we’re used to long distance.”

He added: “My parents have instilled the value of respect and loyalty in relationships into me. I’ve seen the best husband in my dad and you can’t build something similar if you go on TV and flirt with someone else.”

Roman Kemp and his girlfriend, Anne-Sophie Flury, have a dog named Luna
Roman Kemp and his girlfriend, Anne-Sophie Flury, have a dog named Luna. Picture: Instagram

What dog do they have?

Roman and Anne have a dog together – a super cute, sixth-month old Chihuahua called Luna.

The gorgeous pup even has her own Instagram, matching Anne-Sophie’s - @poochiebygucci.

Her Instagram bio reads: “Luna Flury-Kemp. Pawfessional Princess – Chihuahua – Gucci Gang. Born on Easter Sunday 21/04/19.”

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