WATCH: Roman's Girlfriend Anne-Sophie Did Meet Him On The 'I'm A Celebrity' Bridge

12 December 2019, 12:40 | Updated: 12 December 2019, 13:58

Roman Kemp confirms his girlfriend met him at the end of the bridge
Roman Kemp confirms his girlfriend met him at the end of the bridge. Picture: Instagram/ @romankemp/ ITV

Roman Kemp's girlfriend, Anne-Sophie, has revealed she did actually meet him on the 'I'm A Celebrity' bridge.

Roman Kemp's girlfriend Anne-Sophie has cleared up confusion about his jungle exit, insisting she did meet him at the end of the bridge. The cute scene, however, was edited out.

She wrote on Instagram: "I was there – scene was cut. Kind of glad cause I had far too many frozen margaritas last night."

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Clearing up the confusion on Capital Breakfast on Thursday morning, Roman said: "Everyone thought that Soph didn't meet me on the bridge...she did!"

Vick Hope added: "We just didn't see it because they were tight for time or something."

Roman continued: "Yeah they were really tight for time, obviously it was the final one, and I was at the bridge and they take the photos and I saw her shoes and I thought 'OMG, here we go, have I said anything wrong...?!" which got everyone laughing.

Sophie, who flew out to Australia with other friends and family of the camp mates, appeared on Capital Breakfast this morning alongside her boo.

Opening up about the experience, she said: "It was really hard, every morning we'd go there at 4 in the morning and a little selfish part of me would hope he'd come out."

Roman and new BFF Kate Garraway also caught up on FaceTime and they're so down to do another radio show together, which we may actually start a petition to get going, because their jungle radio show was nothing short of legendary.

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