James Haskell & Ian Wright Accused Of 'Ruining Christmas' After Spilling Secrets On I'm A Celeb

29 November 2019, 16:08

James Haskell & Ian Wright accused of 'ruining Christmas'
James Haskell & Ian Wright accused of 'ruining Christmas'. Picture: ITV/ I'm A Celeb

*Christmas spoilers*- 'I'm A Celeb' viewers have accused James Haskell and Ian Wright of 'ruining Christmas' after spilling some age old secrets on-screen.

James Haskell and Ian Wright have annoyed viewers once more and are being accused of 'ruining Christmas' by I'm A Celebrity viewers, talking candidly about Father Christmas and spilling secrets that'll be viewed by many children.

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The sportsmen chatted about the festive period, mentioning 'reindeer footsteps on the ground, half eaten mince pies and carrots with teeth marks in' as well as dressing up as Father Christmas for their children, which parents claimed was "ruining Christmas for kids everywhere spoiling the Santa secret."

The conversation did take place after the 9PM watershed, but there were many children still watching, or, due to see the show on catch up, with some even hash tagging '#shouldcomewithawarning' and '#christmasruined.'

One viewer fumed: "@imacelebrity @antanddec I think @IanWright0 and @jameshaskell need to be taken aside off camera and spoken to, almost ruining Christmas for my 11 year olds."

"I record the show for them to watch after they finish their homework. I occasionally look at it myself."

They've been two controversial characters in the 2019 series, having momentary conflict with a number of camp mates and both having been accused of 'bullying' other celebs, and their behaviour branded 'controlling.'

However, the pair took part in a trial where they were chained together in the pitch dark and managed to get six stars for camp, which we're sure softened the tension in camp!

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