Is Olivia Rodrigo Releasing New Music?

21 March 2024, 14:56 | Updated: 21 March 2024, 15:10

Here's everything we know about new Olivia Rodrigo music
Here's everything we know about new Olivia Rodrigo music. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Olivia Rodrigo has been teasing some unreleased songs on her GUTS world tour, so does she have new music coming?

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Olivia Rodrigo is currently travelling the world on her GUTS world tour, rocking out to her hit-filled setlist, dazzling in her punky fits AND singing surprise songs.

That's right, Olivia has been singing a song that is kinda unreleased whilst on her tour, and fans are buzzing. She's performed her break up banger 'obsessed' and it's had everyone begging her to release it on streaming platforms.

Finally, on Wednesday she announced that the deluxe version of 'GUTS' is coming soon and it will include 'obsessed' plus four other new songs.

Songs like 'obsessed' and 'scared of my guitar' have been heard by many fans already as she included them on special editions of the CD and vinyls of 'GUTS' when it was first released.

However when the deluxe album, 'GUTS spilled', comes out it will be the first time the exclusive songs have been available on streaming platforms. So, what else is on the track list? Here's everything we know about Olivia's new music.

Olivia Rodrigo announced her extended album on stage
Olivia Rodrigo announced her extended album on stage. Picture: Instagram @oliviarodrigo

Is Olivia Rodrigo releasing new music in 2024?

She is indeed! Olivia is releasing music in 2024 but it's only kind of new. On Friday 22nd March she is putting out the extended version of her second studio album 'GUTS'. The deluxe album is called 'GUTS spilled' and will include five extra songs.

What songs are on the 'GUTS spilled' track list?

  • obsessed
  • girl i've always been
  • scared of my guitar
  • stranger
  • so american

The reason some of these aren't technically new is because the first four songs, 'Obsessed' 'Scared of My Guitar' 'Stranger' and 'Girl I've Always Been' were each matched to one of four specific limited edition vinyl albums when 'GUTS' first came out.

Olivia revealed the tracklist of 'GUTS spilled' her her IG story
Olivia revealed the tracklist of 'GUTS spilled' her her IG story. Picture: Instagram @oliviarodrigo

Any fans who managed to get their hands on one of those vinyls will have already heard the song - and of course they were all leaked to TikTok so, so has everyone else now.

But, the song 'so american' is a brand new song that was not on the original album and is said to have been written after the release of 'GUTS'.

Olivia Rodrigo teases unreleased track

Ahead of its release in the UK and America the lyrics to 'so american' have been leaked and we can confirm that it is a love song!

Many people believe it was written about Olivia's new beau Louis Partridge since they began dating around the time she is believed to have penned the song.

Most of Olivia's songs have been about heartbreak so it'll be exciting to see her spin on a happy romance at the end of such a dark (but fun) track list.

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