Every Single Outfit Olivia Rodrigo Wears On The GUTS World Tour

26 February 2024, 14:48

Here are all of Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS tour outfit
Here are all of Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS tour outfit. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Here's a look at all of the outfits Olivia Rodrigo has worn so far on her GUTS World tour.

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Olivia Rodrigo has truly hit the ground running for her second ever worldwide tour. After her sold out SOUR tour back in 2021 we expected big things for the GUTS World tour and she is not disappointing.

After kicking off the tour in Palm Springs on February 23rd, Olivia has continued to dazzle her fans with her hit-filled set list and iconic looks as she works her way through each show.

The 'bad idea right?' singer has taken on a specific style for this tour, it's a lot of hot pants and crop tops - very 2012 of you Olivia - and honestly it's pop girl realness and we are living for it.

For her red carpet moments Olivia is usually styled by the wonderful Danielle Goldburg but for her tour she is being dressed by sisters Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo. The duo are really playing into her grungy pop princess style with lots of fishnets, boots and glitter.

And if you're lucky enough to have tickets for Olivia's show and are wondering, what should I wear? Well, boots and tights or boots and a dress seems to be the answer.

The former Disney star even reposted a TikTok on her Instagram of a fan showing off what everyone was wearing on their way into the concert - and it was all boots and skirts!

So to get you well acquainted with true GUTS Rodrigo-style, here's a recap of all her incredible on stage outfits so far...

Olivia Rodrigo GUTS World Tour in Palm Desert
Olivia Rodrigo GUTS World Tour in Palm Desert. Picture: Getty

We have to start with this look, even though technically it's from the end of her set list. But the 'I'm just a girl' top really says all it needs to say.

Olivia knows how to do a good slogan, very early 2000s and paired with the sparkly hot pants it's just the perfect outfit to wear while screaming 'get him back' at the top of your lungs.

And that she did. At her opening show at the Acrisure Arena in Palm Springs she rocked this look, grabbed a megaphone and performed with such vigour that she ended up laddering those fabulous starry tights. Showing us all how rock and roll is done!

Olivia Rodrigo on stage for GUTS World Tour at the Acrisure Arena
Olivia Rodrigo on stage for GUTS World Tour at the Acrisure Arena. Picture: Getty
Olivia Rodrigo GUTS World Tour night one
Olivia Rodrigo GUTS World Tour night one. Picture: Getty

Olivia pays homage to her song 'Vampire' with this gorgeous red playsuit which is very reminiscent of her Grammys 2024 look where she performed the song for the attendees.

Paired with the classic tights and boots combo, this red look is definitely a fan fave.

Olivia Rodrigo on stage for her GUTS World tour
Olivia Rodrigo on stage for her GUTS World tour. Picture: Getty
Olivia Rodrigo performing 'enough for you'
Olivia Rodrigo performing 'enough for you'. Picture: Getty

And if you ever doubted Olivia elevating a two-piece, look no further as she serves gorgeousness in this glittering chainmail dress over a simple black co-ord.

The 'simple black co-ord' in question isn't so simple though as she brings the sparkles to the look with the hot pants and bra which both feature big coin sequins to add that on stage glitz.

She wears this look while she performs 'enough for you' from her album SOUR, but she does this while sitting on a floating moon - okay, iconic!

Olivia Rodrigo stuns in a silver two-piece on the GUTS world tour
Olivia Rodrigo stuns in a silver two-piece on the GUTS world tour. Picture: Getty

For her SOUR tour she played into the girlie girl look but for this tour it is definitely all about being punk - but make it sparkly. This silver two-piece is the perfect example of this.

Clearly Olivia is a fan of this look as before the tour started she shared a sneak peak of this outfit on Instagram with the caption: "GUTS world tour starts tomorrow!!!!!"

Well Olivia, we are big fans too - stylist sisters Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo, we see you and we love what you're doing!

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