Olivia Rodrigo's 'Guts' Album Track List

8 September 2023, 09:53 | Updated: 11 September 2023, 15:27

Olivia Rodrigo shares old footage of listening to song off Sour

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Olivia Rodrigo has officially released her second studio album – here’s the full lowdown on track list, collabs and everything in between.

Olivia Rodrigo's new era is finally here after releasing pop bops 'Vampire' and 'Bad Idea Right' earlier this summer.

Two years on from her explosive debut, the 20-year-old pop prodigy has released her sophomore record 'Guts' which came out on 8th September.

The new era officially begun with the lead single 'Vampire' and follow-up 'Bad Idea Right', both of which dropped in the months leading up to 'Guts' and there's plenty more where that came from after Olivia compiled a track list which is being described as perfectly encapsulating high school teen drama.

Her debut album ‘SOUR’ dropped in May 2021 and the High School Musical: The Musical star wrapped the iconic era with her Disney+ documentary, driving home 2 u. Not to mention, her ‘SOUR’ tour was one for the music history books and fans are more than ready for a new project from the songstress.

Here’s everything you need to know about Olivia’s new album 'Guts', including track titles, collaborations and release dates…

Olivia Rodrigo confirmed new music is coming in 2023
Olivia Rodrigo confirmed new music is coming in 2023. Picture: Alamy

When did Olivia Rodrigo's 'Guts' album come out?

Olivia's second album 'Guts' was released on 8th September!

We're all ears for Olivia's new era after she returned to drop the first single from her upcoming album in June. 'Vampire' is the lead single and the track had fans wondering if it was inspired by her six-month relationship with Zack Bialobos, who Olivia dated in 2022.

Olivia Rodrigo released 'Vampire' on June 30
Olivia Rodrigo released 'Vampire' on June 30. Picture: Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram

What's on the 'Guts' track list?

It's a track list giving us main character syndrome. Here are all the songs on 'Guts':

  • 'all-american b***h'
  • 'bad idea right?'
  • 'vampire'
  • 'lacy'
  • 'ballad of a homeschooled girl'
  • 'making the bed'
  • 'logical'
  • 'get him back!'
  • 'love is embarrassing'
  • 'the grudge'
  • 'pretty isn't pretty'
  • 'teenage dream'
Olivia Rodrigo has begun her next music era
Olivia Rodrigo has begun her next music era. Picture: Alamy

Has Olivia Rodrigo collaborated with anyone on her new album?

Olivia doesn't have any collaborators listed on her 'Guts' track list. But if she does decide to work with some artists in future, she has an impressive roster of celeb friends she could get on board!

From Taylor Swift to Conan Gray, Olivia could have some A-list collabs on her hands - but it remains to be seen!

Of course, the young talent is continuing to work with producer Dan Nigro who famously helped her hone in on her sound with her debut album.

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