Jordyn Woods Red Table Talk: Kylie Jenner's BFF Cries As She Admits Tristan Thompson ‘Kissed Her On The Lips’

1 March 2019, 18:03

Jordyn Woods cried as she revealed what really went down.
Jordyn Woods cried as she revealed what really went down. Picture: facebook

Jordyn Woods’ Red Table talk interview has landed.

Jordyn Woods has admitted in her Red Table Talk interview that Tristan Thompson ‘kissed her on the lips’ but insisted there was ‘no tongue kiss’ and ‘no lap dancing'.

When prompted by Jada Pinkett Smith, who she calls 'aunt', about exactly what happened, she said: “This is where the story gets tricky. I feel like I can’t point fingers because I allowed myself to be in this position. I allowed myself to be there.”

“On the way out he did kiss me.”

Jordyn Woods' Red Table Talk: Watch The Full Interview With Jada Pinkett Smith Here

The 21-year-old, who confirmed she went to the party at Tristan’s house with ‘a group of girls’ at the end of a night out in LA, also admitted she was ‘never blacked out’ drunk, as originally reported, but there was alcohol involved.

However, when asked if she slept with the basketball player, she replied: “Never.”

Jordyn claimed she called Khloe Kardashian, who shares 11-month baby True with Tristan Thompson, the morning after the incident and admitted she was at the party but never mentioned the kiss as she ‘didn’t want to add fuel to the fire’.

However, when the story broke she was then made out to look like a ‘homewrecker’.

Reflecting on the ‘messy’ situation, she said she wished she’d ‘not have gone with those girls to the after party’ and ‘not allowed [herself] to be in that position’.

She also admitted she wished she would have told Khloe Kardashian ‘the truth from the beginning’.

She said: “If I’d have told the truth from the beginning. I was there, I was drunk, this wouldn’t have happened.”

When asked if she has spoken to Khloe since, she said: “I have spoken a little bit with her. I let her know I’m willing to do whatever it is for her peace of mind. Not for my image. Not for my career.”

When asked if the whole thing was in fact a publicity stunt, she replied: “Unfortunately, I wish I could say this was a publicity stunt but it’s real and real people are hurting."

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