Love Island Viewers All Saying The Same Thing About Tom Clare And Will Young’s Apologies

20 February 2023, 10:56 | Updated: 20 February 2023, 16:28

Will tells Jessie he loves her with grand gesture

By Kathryn Knight

Will Young and Tom Clare went to different extremes to ask for forgiveness from their respective love interests; Jessie Wynter and Samie Elishi after having their heads turned on Love Island.

Love Island fans seem to be in agreement that farmer Will Young’s gesture was far better than Tom Clare’s apology to Samie Elishi.

After Will kissed bombshell Layla Al-Momani during the Casa Amor part of the show – where the boys and girls are separated and introduced to new Islanders – he was heartbroken to break the news to original partner Jessie Wynter.

Jessie had planned on returning to the main villa to tell Will she loved him, only to be left heartbroken when she discovered he’d grown close to another girl.

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Meanwhile, Tom explored his spark with Lydia Karakyriakou who he even told had qualities he’d like in a girlfriend.

Will Young asked the Islanders to read out his favourite things about Jessie Wynter
Will Young asked the Islanders to read out his favourite things about Jessie Wynter. Picture: ITV2
Will Young told Jessie Wynter he loves her
Will Young told Jessie Wynter he loves her. Picture: ITV2

Tom comes up with a poem to win Samie back

The boys were left with their tails between their legs after the girls found out what really went down and rushed to come up with grand gestures to win them back.

While Tom wrote a poem about his feelings for Samie, Will roped in all of the Islanders to stand in a line and each read out one thing he loved about Jessie before he confessed he loves her.

Love Island viewers adored Will’s extravagant gesture, while others claimed the boys’ actions gave them ‘the ick.’

“If I was Tom I’d be so embarrassed Will ate his apology up,” one person tweeted as another said it seemed Will had written Tom’s poem for him: “Oh I feel the touch of Will in Toms poem. Cannot picture Tom saying ‘hot mess’ or ‘what the heck’ to be quite honest.”

Tom Clare apologised to Samie Elishi with a poem
Tom Clare apologised to Samie Elishi with a poem. Picture: ITV2

“Tom this is how you do it, not a pathetic and soppy ‘poem’,” tweeted someone else, as another said: “Tom seeing Will outdo his poem with a whole flash mob.”

However, others found the gestures to be cringe-worthy viewing.

”The producers really managed to persuade Will and Tom to give the whole of the UK the ick” said one person.

Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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