What Is ‘The Ick?’ Leanne Amaning's Savage Comment About Mike Boateng On Love Island Explained

30 January 2020, 17:07

Fans have been talking about the phrase on social media
Fans have been talking about the phrase on social media. Picture: ITV

Love Island’s Leanne Amaning dumped Mike Boateng because he gave her ‘the ick’. But what does it mean?

Love Island’s Leanne Amaning baffled some viewers after saying Mike Boateng gave her ‘the ick’ and we’re here to give you the full rundown on what the phrase means.

So basically, the term is used for when you think you like someone, but then something about that person turns you off, and you progressively get grossed out at the thought of them and everything they do makes you cringe.

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Leanne’s description to her fellow Islanders summed it up perfectly.

Speaking to Sophie Piper and Jess Gale, she said: "I feel like I’ve been having these feelings for a while but I feel like I've been giving it time. I've tried and tried with that boy. I feel like now I’ve got the ick, everything he does annoys me.

"Every time he speaks I’m like ‘shut up, shut up’.

"Just like little things [he does] annoys me. Honestly, girls, thinking about it I’m like ‘eurgh’ like I don’t find him funny, I don’t want to pretend to laugh. I don’t want to lead him on because he’s telling me he’s got feelings for me [sic]."

Leanne then broke things to Mike, revealing ‘it just so happens that I don’t like you’. Savage!

Some fans seemed to have a hunch that she'd been feeling that way for a while, with one tweeting: "I said to my boyfriend last week ‘Mike gives Leanne the ick’ he asked ‘what’s the ick’ I said ‘trust me girls know what the ick means, game over once you’ve got it’ and she fully said it last night. I was like I TOLD YOU SHE HAS THE ICK [sic]."

Fans branded Mike a 'game-player'
Fans branded Mike a 'game-player'. Picture: Twitter
Fans branded Mike a 'game-player'
Fans branded Mike a 'game-player'. Picture: Twitter

"I am so pi**ed I deleted my tweet from last week about Leanne having the ick over Mike. I literally used the word "ick". I should honestly have more faith in my psychic abilities," added another.

However, viewers seemed to be divided about whether or not she approached the situation a little too savagely, with one penning: "Leanne man fairs if you’ve got the ick like it happens but you don’t have be so harsh. mike is corny but he’s a nice guy for the most part, i feel bad for him [sic]."

Defending Leanne's corner, another tweeted: "Mike gives me the ick, so i completely get where Leanne is coming from."

Although everyone seemed to be divided about it, ultimately the response seemed to be that once you have the ick, there's no going back!

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