Love Island Fans Are Recreating Siânnise's Motivational Speech On TikTok

12 February 2020, 15:28

Siannise Fudge's speech is popular on TikTok
Siannise Fudge's speech is popular on TikTok. Picture: TikTok/Love Island

Love Island viewers love Siânnise Fudge... or more specifically they can't get enough of her motivational speeches. So much so, they've recreated them in the hundreds on TikTok.

Love Island's Siânnise Fudge has gradually become one of the nation's favourite contestants on this year's series and understandably so... even ex Love Islander Maura is a fan. In fact, the viewers have been lip-syncing to one of her recent motivational speeches on TikTok.

Siânnise, who has two sisters, was speaking to fellow Love Island Luke M in the villa and fans have latched on and run with it with a series of dubs of the moment.

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Siannise Fudge is winning the nation over on Love Island
Siannise Fudge is winning the nation over on Love Island. Picture: Siannise Fudge/Instagram

In the clip, Siânnise tells Luke, "You are you. Do not let anyone make you doubt yourself or question yourself." She adds, "should i have done this? Should i have acted this way? No! If people don't like you for you. It's their loss."

Check out the TikTok below and the dubs below...

TikTok user Emily Canham captioned her clip, "solid advice from our gal Siannise".

Rose hilariously turned the audio into a conversation between a mum and a daughter.

Rachel somehow turned it into an interpretative dance and we're here for it...

And finally, Alex recreated a classic moment we've all encountered once or twice in our lives.

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