What Is The Patch On Rebecca Gormley’s Leg? Love Island Viewers Praise Model For Publicly Displaying Contraception Method

24 January 2020, 11:14 | Updated: 24 January 2020, 11:16

Rebecca Gormley had Love Island viewers questioning what the patch on her leg was when she entered the villa.

Rebecca Gormley sent the Twittersphere into a frenzy when she arrived in the Love Island villa wearing a sexy Greek goddess outfit, while her co-stars were captivated by her long wavy hair, confidence, and model looks.

As she relaxed on the bed in the hideaway for her dates with Callum Jones and Connor Durman, viewers noticed she was wearing a small patch at the top of her thigh and began to debate what it was for.

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While it could simply be a nicotine patch, many believe it’s a form of contraception and are praising the bombshell for wearing it proudly, instead of changing her contraceptive method before entering the show.

Rebecca Gormley's thigh patch is thought to be a contraceptive method
Rebecca Gormley's thigh patch is thought to be a contraceptive method. Picture: ITV2
Rebecca Gormley's arrival in the villa shook things up
Rebecca Gormley's arrival in the villa shook things up. Picture: ITV2

The NHS website explains the contraceptive patch is a small sticky patch that releases hormones into the body to prevent pregnancy, but it can also be used to lighten painful periods.

The first patch is worn for seven days and on day eight, you change it to a new one – this routine continues every week for three weeks, and then there’s a patch-free week.

Rebecca was quickly praised by Love Island viewers for wearing hers proudly in public, with hundreds shutting down the cruel comments.

One person tweeted: “Why are so many people saying horrible things about Rebecca wearing a contraceptive patch on #LoveIsland ? most the girls in there are probs on the pill anyway so why does it matter.”

“Everyone sayin Rebecca has a nicotine patch on her leg is the story of my f*****g life, it’s the contraceptive patch people x [sic],” wrote another.

“People really trying to shame Rebecca for wearing what might be a contraceptive patch on love island, lollll what year are we in,” chimed in another.

Rebecca certainly stirred things up after her dramatic arrival into the villa, nabbing happily coupled up lads Callum Jones and Connor Durman for a chat, much to the dismay of their love interests Shaughna Phillips and Sophie Piper.

The model is 21 years old and a former beauty queen who won the title of Bare Face Top Model, as well as Miss Newcastle in 2018 before taking part in Miss England 2019.

However, given her tall posture and model looks, many refused to believe she’s 21.

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