Love Island Fans Think Ollie Williams’ Exit Was Staged After He Left The Villa Without Getting Dressed

16 January 2020, 11:18 | Updated: 16 January 2020, 11:20

Love Island viewers noticed Ollie Williams walked out of the villa barefoot.

There are a number of theories surrounding Ollie Williams’ exit from Love Island, one of which being his parents ‘pulled him’ out of the show, but the latest concern is that the islander’s walk-out was staged.

After breaking down as he told his castmates he’s still in love with somebody else, eagle-eyed fans noticed something odd about his departure.

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Following hugs with his fellow islanders, Ollie lugged his suitcase out of the door and along the lengthy driveway barefoot.

Ollie Williams left the villa with bare feet
Ollie Williams left the villa with bare feet. Picture: ITV2

He was also still wearing his swim shorts and cap, something which gave viewers a suspicious feeling about his exit with many claiming on social media his exit "seemed staged".

One person tweeted: “Anyone else confused why Ollie left #loveisland without getting dressed or putting his shoes on? Just curious.”

“Why isn't Ollie putting on any clothes to leave? Is it the rules that they only wear swimming costumes at all times,” wrote another.

A third viewer quizzed: “Is Ollie not gonna put some clothes on before he leaves?”

Ollie, who was coupled up with Paige Turley, broke down in tears before leaving the show, gathering his islanders around the fire pit to tell them of his decision.

He told his co-stars: “This is Love Island and I am leaving for love. Getting to know Paige has made me realise that I still have feelings for someone on the outside. If I stay here I’m not being honest with my own heart.

“Unfortunately I have to leave.”

The land owner said quitting was “the hardest decision I’ve ever made", adding: "But she’s the love of my life. When you’ve got that you can’t risk throwing that away. I’ll see you on the outside I guess.”

Ollie’s decision was met with huge support from the other islanders, with Leanne Amaning saying: “This is what every girl wants, a man to declare their love to them to the whole world. He went with his heart. I will miss him.”

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