WATCH: Maura Higgins Thinks Ollie Williams Was 'Pulled Out Of Love Island By Parents' Over Trophy Hunting Scandal

15 January 2020, 15:30 | Updated: 15 January 2020, 15:41

Maura Higgins doesn't think the reason Ollie Williams left the 'Love Island' villa was due to feelings for his ex, in fact, she's got a whole theory about what went down behind the scenes.

Love Island legend and Dancing On Ice star Maura Higgins has weighed in on the shock exit of Ollie Williams just three days into the first winter series- and she doesn't believe the show's 'posh boy' left because of feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

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Stopping by for a chat, Maura dropped some piping hot tea on what she thinks caused his sudden departure.

She said: "I don't think [his ex was] the real reason."

"I reckon maybe like because of all the stuff online maybe his parents pulled him out, that's what I'm thinking, maybe they didn't realise there would be that much impact online."

The former islander, who is still in a relationship with her coupling from the show, Curtis Pritchard, argues the show's producers 'trawl' their social media accounts before they head in, so is surprised no one pulled him up on it before it started.

She said: "Do you know what they do though...my socials were hounded so many times, I deleted Facebook because I was like, there's not any point going through that I been on [that] years... but you know they can find out anything they want."

Maura Higgins doesn't think Ollie Williams left Love Island 'for his ex'
Maura Higgins doesn't think Ollie Williams left Love Island 'for his ex'. Picture: ITV2 Love Island/ Capital

Ollie, 23, hit the headlines across the nation when various photos of him trophy hunting emerged, photos which were met with harsh criticism and gave him a broadly negative reception upon his entry to the villa.

News broke after just three days he was leaving the South African villa as he 'still had feelings for his ex', although many suspected he was warned of the public's perception of him and he chose to leave.

Either way, he should be back in the UK in no time, so maybe we'll get to ask him?!

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