Megan Barton-Hanson Branded A ‘Hypocrite’ By Followers As Feud With Vanessa Bauer Rages On

16 January 2019, 14:54

Megan Barton-Hanson has been feuding with the pro skater.
Megan Barton-Hanson has been feuding with the pro skater. Picture: itv

Megan Barton-Hanson hit the headlines this week when she lashed out at Dancing On Ice star Vanessa Bauer.

The Love Islander accused Vanessa, who is partnered with her boyfriend Wes Nelson on the ITV show, of being ‘disrespectful’ towards her and admitted she finds it difficult to watch them perform together.

She told a tabloid: “It’s funny or a coincidence that Vanessa’s break-up came out the night they performed, she clearly wanted to get more hype around their performance. She knows the score; she did the show last year. She’s 22-years-old.

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"She knows questions are going to be asked about her and Wes and me being worried about them spending time together. Every woman will tell you it’s not ideal to have your boyfriend spending 12 hours a day with another woman – a little introduction from Vanessa would have gone a long way.

Dancing on Ice is very romantic and all about looking into each other’s eyes and parading around on the ice and being loved up together – it’s not easy to watch.”

As well as giving an interview about the drama, Megan also lashed out at Vanessa in an Instagram post.

Vanessa responded and their feud is still raging on.

However, the model, who has been very vocal about bullying and the effects it’s had on her her mental health since living the Love Island villa, has now been branded a ‘hypocrite’ by followers.

One Twitter user said: “It’s sad to see girls defending Megan Barton Hanson’s actions. She cries out against bullying yet felt the need to publicly call out another woman for the sake of what?... She knew Wes would be working closely with another woman, it reeks of jealousy.”

Another wrote: “Apparently an anti bullying ambassador?... absolute joke. Why do it publicly as well? Funny how she claimed Vanessa was the one that wanted headlines.”