Luca Bish Shows Off Teeth Transformation After Getting Veneers In Turkey

26 July 2022, 17:21

Luca Bish had veneers done in Turkey
Luca Bish had veneers done in Turkey. Picture: ITV / Dental Centre Turkey/YouTube
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Love Island’s Luca Bish and his ex-girlfriend Sophie Floyd had their visit to a cosmetic clinic in Turkey documented by the dentists who worked there, to reveal the before and after of their teeth.

Luca Bish has been open about his new teeth on Love Island, telling the girls to ‘watch the veneers’ during a game of ‘Snog, Marry, Pie’ earlier this month. Plus, who could miss his bright white smile?

The fishmonger is coupled up with Gemma Owen and their relationship isn’t the only thing to get fans talking on the show.

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Viewers have resurfaced a video showing Luca’s teeth before and after he got veneers and fans can’t get over Luca’s long hair in the clip, which he appears in alongside ex-girlfriend Sophie.

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Luca Bish's teeth before and after veneers
Luca Bish's teeth before and after veneers. Picture: Dental Centre Turkey/YouTube
Luca Bish and ex Sophie Floyd
Luca Bish and ex Sophie Floyd. Picture: Dental Centre Turkey/YouTube

The former couple’s whole experience at the clinic was filmed, with the couple given scans on their teeth before the dentists decided on the adjustments to make.

Luca and Sophie were also filmed picking out the shape of the teeth they’d like.

At the end, the couple revealed their new smile, with Luca revealing he had his top 10 and bottom 10 teeth refined.

He also said to the camera as they sat in the back of their taxi: “I really don’t want to leave. The experience has been amazing, the staff have been amazing.”

Luca Bish and Gemma Owen have been coupled up since the start of Love Island series 8
Luca Bish and Gemma Owen have been coupled up since the start of Love Island series 8. Picture: Luca Bish/Instagram

The snapshot of Luca with long hair has been doing the rounds on Twitter in recent weeks after fans resurfaced the video which was published in April 2020.

It’s thought Luca and his ex split around a year later, as he told his fellow islanders when he arrived on the show: "I was enjoying being in a relationship, there were things I just didn't like and we drifted apart."

Luca and Sophie were said to have been together for four years.

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