Love Island's Eve Gale Reveals The Strict Schedule The Cast Stick To Every Night In The Villa

24 January 2020, 12:21

Although it looks like they’re on holiday, the Love Island cast do have a schedule to stick to each day.

Dumped islander Eve Gale, whose twin sister Jess is still in South Africa, spilled all the secrets from the Love Island villa when she returned to the UK.

When she stopped by for a chat, we grilled Eve on what actually goes down every evening, once the sun has set and the contestants put on their glamorous attire to lounge around – because we reckon, from the girls’ holidays we’ve experienced, getting that many people ready in one villa is absolute chaos.

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Eve said there’s a schedule for each night, which begins with all of the contestants having dinner – scenes which aren’t aired because it would be “a nightmare to cover”, according to voiceover Iain Stirling.

The Love Islanders get glamorous for every single evening
The Love Islanders get glamorous for every single evening. Picture: ITV2

The 20-year-old revealed: “We all have dinner, and then we beach hut and everyone documents their days, and once everyone has beach-hutted it’s shower time.”

Making things 10 times more chaotic is the fact there are only two showers for all the islanders – at the time of writing, there are 16 people on the show!

“But there are only two showers and that’s for the boys and the girls, so it’s kind of manic. Everyone just rushes into the bedroom to get ready – sometimes it’s quite a push for time.”

When it comes to getting dressed, the girls have plenty of options for outfits in their huge beauty room and are happy to share with one another.

Eve continued: “All the girls are really comfortable with each other, everyone’s in the same boat. There’s so many products, I’ve left half my stuff in the villa! When I left I said to the girls, ‘have anything you want, have these bikinis’ and to Jess I was like, ‘take anything’. I think my suitcase was lighter coming back.”

Before the islanders flew out to South Africa, they got to visit a huge I Saw It First warehouse to pick the clothes they wanted to wear throughout the series, which sounds like most girls’ dreams come true.

The night time is usually when the drama goes down in the Love Island villa
The night time is usually when the drama goes down in the Love Island villa. Picture: ITV2

They don’t even have to pack the items in their suitcase, too, as the brand sent boxes to be delivered straight to the villa.

Eve shared: “Before I went in there was a massive warehouse with all these clothes. I could pick out what I wanted and what kind of styles I liked and they put it together and flew it out for me so I didn’t have to pack it in my case.

“You get deliveries as well, they come in and they ask what you want more of, what you’re liking, what styles, patterns, and then you get massive bags of clothes, shoes, jackets.

“A lot of the time I’m thinking ‘oh I like this, but is this how I want to be shown on camera?’”

Eve is now rooting for her sister, Jess, in the villa but the VIP hostess is currently in a friendship coupling with Nas Majeed.

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