Love Island's Iain Stirling Explains Why The Show Is No Longer Airing Sex Scenes

24 January 2020, 10:36 | Updated: 24 January 2020, 10:46

Love Island won't be airing sex scenes this year
Love Island won't be airing sex scenes this year. Picture: ITV2

Love Island’s voiceover Iain Stirling said the show will no longer air the islanders’ bedroom antics.

If you thought the past Love Island series had significantly less sex scenes aired on TV, it’s been revealed there are a few reasons for the lack of steamy antics under the sheets.

Voiceover on the show Iain Stirling explained to Vice having sex on TV “is done”, after years of the scandalous scenes causing huge regret to a number of past contestants.

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He explained: “I think there might be a bit less s******g on TV this year, because they know it'll be on television. But I actually think there might well be s******g, They're beautiful young people in a luxury villa – there probably will be some s******g.”

Presenter Laura Whitmore’s boyfriend Iain added that viewers can all work out what’s gone down in the bedroom anyway, by the cast’s conversations which spill the details the following morning.

Iain continued: “Sometimes it's important for the narrative, but you can tell that story through the conversations afterwards. It's not a moral question – if anything, that's less of an issue now, because people coming on are so aware of what happens with the footage from the villa.”

The comedian also suggested producers might not even show it anymore, as the concept isn’t as interesting as it once was.

He added: “What I don't know is if we'll show it. It's done now – people have s*****d on TV. We broadcasted it before because it was an interesting thing to show and deal with. Now, having sex on telly? It's done.”

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey on Love Island in 2016
Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey on Love Island in 2016. Picture: ITV2

Sex scenes weren’t the only thing Iain was quizzed on as he also revealed the villa is “basically a booze-free zone”, something previous series’ islanders have addressed before, claiming they’re given a minimal amount in the evenings.

He also said hair and beauty professionals now come in to keep the islanders looking their best, saying: “There's also more professional support with hair and beauty now, I think.

“If you jump on ITVHub and watch the early series, by the end they all look quite scruffy – now they don’t.”

The new 2020 series of Love Island so far has just one settled couple; Sophie Piper and Connor Durman, as Leanne Amaning and Mike Boateng began to show doubts on Wednesday night’s episode.

Things have also just been shaken up after the arrival of model Rebecca Gormley and two bombshells both named Luke.

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