Georgia Steel Love Island 2018: From Her Relationship History, To Her Instagram, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

5 June 2018, 22:00 | Updated: 18 July 2018, 15:57

Georgia Steel has all the potential to become a Love Island 2018 favourite thanks to her honest nature and love of all things fun!

Love Island's Georgia Steel has taken a break from student life for the summer to find her dream man among the male contestants in series four.

Joining the likes of Dani Dyer, Hayley Hughes and many more in the ITV2 villa, it looks like we're going to get to know this year's line-up VERY well.


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So who is Georgia Steel? What is she like on Twitter and Instagram? And who is the famous face Georgia dated before ending things? Here’s everything you need to know about the Love Island cast member.

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Georgia Steel's Relationship History

20 year old student Georgia revealed that she's only ever had one serious boyfriend, but since moving to London from York she's been on a number of dates. Sadly none of them have turned into anything serious, but that's what Love Island's for!

Talking about her past relationships, Georgia explained, "My first ever relationship was quite young, I was 15 to 18 (years old) and we were together nearly three years. We met each other young so when we grew into adults we grew apart."

"Fortunately threre were no hard feelings, I moved away, it was never complicated, we both came to a decision that it wasn't working. He's very, very different to me, I felt like he couldn't really handle me because I'm a bundle of fun and he was much more reserved."

"Since moving to London I let my hair down a bit and dated a few guys and had a bit of fun but nothing serious. Now I'm looking for something more serious."

Georgia Steel Love Island 2018
Pic: Love Island

Which famous face did Georgia Steel date?

The Love Island 2018 contestant has claimed she dated someone with a famous relative, but she let them go.

Revealing the story, Georgia said, "I went on a date with someone famous - but a girl doesn't tell her secrets. He was quite into me, but I let that go. All I'll say is they had famous relatives. I'm very out there but when it comes to my private life I'm quite reserved."

What does Georgia Steel think people will find least likeable about her?

When it come sto Love Island, not everyone is gonna like you, but getting on with people can certainly make your life in the villa a lot easier. For Georgia, she thinks her honesty will be what might rub people up the wrong way.

Georgia explained, "Sometimes I can be too honest and whilst it only comes from a good place, I can hurt people's feelings without meaning to. I've always been brought up to be honest so it canbe a good thing or a bad thing sometimes."


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Georgia Steel on Instagram

Already well established in the world of social media, you can find Georgia  on Instagram @geesteelx.